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John John Batchelor show August nineteen fifty five the time is endless because the crime the murder of Emmett till. A very young man from Chicago who was visiting for the summer that murder has now recently, been, reopened by. The United. States government by the federal authorities new information and also this long long trail of feeling that Justice, was not done the murder of. Till and the murder of other African Americans during this period of civil rights conflict to help. Me understand this, story I welcome David Biteau David is the author with Linda Royster by, to- of TRM Howard, Dr entrepreneur, civil rights pioneer Dr Howard got intimately involved scarily involved in the denial of Justice after, the murder of Emmett till, David a very good evening to. You congratulations for your biography of Dr Howard and to understand the, scale, of his. Heroism we. Need to understand why Justice is reopening the till case the the murder the horrible murder of a, young man good evening to you. David why did they reopen Well that's a little bit of. A mystery because there wasn't FBI investigation about twelve years ago that you know, that turned up some I think what why they reopened the case at this, time was a historian a lot of respect for named Timothy Tyson did. He, a book about the case interviewed Amatil or the. Caroline Dunham Bryant who was a key figure in the. Case and she a according to Tyson. Basically admitted that she was involved in the crime now she's still alive well. Turns out that Tyson didn't have that on tape she said that to me, didn't get it on tape he had hours of interviews with her so I'm skeptical on, that revelation that this is actually gonna lead to anything now there were a, number of people involved in the murder, of Emmett till but, as. Far as I can Determine, all of them have passed away The reopening of the case though points us. All to, a time in America's history a very very grim time when civil rights was extremely scary for people living, anywhere in the country Chicago to Mississippi but especially, for people who spoke up, about injustice the all white jury acquitted the two men who were. Involved in, in the murder right away in fact they made the made jokes about it. About why it took him so long. 'cause they pause to drink, soda pop that was laughter. And Mississippi but it was a bro there were broken hearts in Chicago. And Dr Howard faced? Up to it what did he do who was who was TRM Howard and how did? You, get involved in the till case well Dr Howard. Was probably the wealthiest person. In Mississippi he'd been born in poverty he came there to be cheap surgeon of hospital, black-owned hospital that provided cooperative medical care thousands, of, people he branched out into civil Oh rights and hit it a very large group called the regional council of, negro leadership and they had thousands of, numbers and they would have annual rallies and Mississippi but. They get, ten thousand people to hear people like Thurgood Marshall and singers like Mahalia Jackson they did a successful boycott, of service stations refuse to provide restrooms for blacks, this was in nineteen fifty, two so he was a well known civil rights figure he was. On a, visit to Chicago at the time that Emmett till disappear kidnapping of Emmett till. Wasn't even knowing that it was a. Murderer yet and Howard said, if this boy is harmed. And it was a boy is fourteen years old if he is harmed. Bill be hell to? Pay Mississippi I got a lot of coverage and then they actually brought charges against these? Two, brothers half brothers who were who had kidnapped till. They claimed they'd let him. Go but the body turned up in the in the river and the Tallahassee river just, sort of a fluke dot cook got snagged On some some you know underwater grow and the body was horribly disfigured, and a charges were brought against the two brothers which was actually something remarkable. Because usually white person killed the. Black person there weren't even charges and there was. A trial less than a month after the murder in some in the small town of Sumner Mississippi Dr Howard was involved in trying to find evidence. That not only, against the two brothers but indicating that other people other whites and implacable -ployees. Of the defendants were involved, in the crime and Emmett. Till mothers stayed with them and, he provided or an armed escort every day of the, trial and his home was a refuge for black reporters for witnesses and he. Conducted his own sort of underground investigation working in cooperation with prosecutors trying to prod them off and at the time. Was he He under constant threat were there because I've read about the period. After about ten years, later there were bomb threats routinely cars driving by in the middle of the night did that sort of thing happened to. Dr Howard it did and he was heavily armed and he had the advantage of, living in a town and, all black town amount by which was unique because blacks there could boat they had a sheriff they had the, mayor and that's where tells mothers state to all black so if, you were white you showed up in that community you would, stick out like a sore thumb also all the members of Howard's organization including Howard himself were heavily armed yeah the Thompson submachine gun and White person wanted to make trouble there would have, to get in close 'cause they'd stick out and they and and and people. There were more than ready to fire back and we're heavily on that was part of the issue but I think also that one Howard ventured out he had a heavy heavy armed protection but certainly his, life was threatened. People see used to. Say the shortest life expectancy of any person in Mississippi at the time. This is the Eisenhower administration, nineteen fifty five and coming up. To the the second term was there a. Nationalization, of this story did the did the White House comment was Dr. Howard, in contact with the president He was crowding the Eisenhower administration at at this point Dr Howard is on the verge of, becoming a, Republican, 'cause if anything the Democrats far far less willing to get involved in. Civil rights issues at that at that time so he was. Trying to get the Justice department to look into the case this was after the acquittal of the defendant saying what door other people involved he was presenting evidence to the FBI pushing that that. That line it was nationalized in that sense because, after the acquittal defendants Howard went on, a national speaking tour would get. Crowds of ten thousand people twenty thousand people Madison Square Garden in Baltimore in Los Angeles and. Focused on the case in other unsolved cases in the manner that j. Edgar Hoover getting. Involved he said look you can solve? A crime based. On wreckage of a plane right there the I would boast about Why can't you ever seem to solve. A crime where. A black man or a black. Person is killed and eat hammered on so it was, nationalized. And one of the places he spoke was November. Twenty seven nineteen, fifty five in Montgomery Mississippi is host of Martin Luther King than a nationally unknown figure Rosa Parks. Was in the audience hammered the Emmett till case forty three days later Rosa. Parks when she refused to give up her seat said that she was thinking. Of Emmett till when she refused to go up or see the, book is TRM Howard Dr entrepreneurs civil rights pioneer David Baido and his off and as the author with Linda Royster Bida as a new, book about a very brave man lived a long time ago who I'm sure is listening from heaven right now as the Justice department looks again at the murder, the hate, crime, against Emmett till in August of nineteen fifty five I'm John bachelor this. Is the John Batchelor.

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