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We're talking about the Burger King Crown Card. Quick Garcia who produced my name is earl was given one because he worked at Burger King to collect funny stories when a writers strike kept him from his day job other cardholders George Lucas Jennifer Hudson Robert Downey junior Jay Leno. That's fabulous that is so Ol- fabulous and we'd go get Greg on because the tells me Margarita Villas G- GONNA BE K- Lounes wow that's great John Donnelly me an Infield New Hampshire. Use Eliza say that Georgetown used to play Catholic inquest AQAP didn't the python boys a documentary on that years back hang up and listen from Brendon in Arlington thirty-seven and I can count on one hand a number of good bunker shots. I've hit in my life. Thanks to Mr Tony Avenue approach to playing the trap. I will inform four my playing partners that I refuse to walk into the if I hit into a bunker. I will instruct them to take it out when they ask me why. I'll start chanting sciatica the Geriatric Jim Flynn and Cobra Connecticut Tony. Thank you for sharing the terrifying story of the VOL-. You didn't mention if you were coaching your pearls during the atmosphere wasn't a Vol- was a flying squirrel very large from western Winchester Virginia. If it had been an adult flying squirrel you would have done in your best chief brody. Turn to your wife and said we're going to need a bigger et. Le David Morris in Mooresville North Carolina. I only wish Mike Levin on hand in in Tennessee Sunday so the world could have seen his firemen form in action out they hired. The stadium was burning down at one point. They had to stop the game. Yeah yeah that was really good from King in Western Moines Iowa or little here always looking for more content. Can you tell me what time. WMA I may AL is dropping the podcast of the radio show of the podcast hoping it will be at least some time the same day podcast delays. Stink twelve noon Davey Jolyon Ascii from Montreal but not Zaillian ski from. I'm a big fan of all your sponsors but it occurred to me that simply safe is capable of contacting eighty-three eighty three percent of burglars. They might want to do more than poll them like you. I'm an English major so I apologize on Mathis lost. from Sylvester Bush bones your seventy one year old sport so I'm not sure what my life has become upon this year's. Tk Equinox Aka the the toy hall of fame nominations. I took particular umbrage coloring book. It's not a toy I found myself making the comparisons that Tim Duncan is not a hall of fame power forward because he has the lowest center. Coloring book is not a toy. It say Hello Book Book. I suddenly yelled at the phone would make coloring book guard ally Malone the phone it occurred to me. I may need a new hobby tames radiant Jacksonville Florida. I like waffles and it's good that you do this is from Tim Stone Storniolo Solo Madison Wisconsin dear GRANDPA Ellie Mae the seven eleven baby weight in eleven pound six Ounces Fiftieth percentile and measured twenty three point five inches long eighty perfect percentile for her two month checkup. How does the hammer measure up. Tell a future father-in-law Michel these you'd hitch his whacking the packers tired of an overly involved owner cheer only the publicly only team in league. We've got great cheese. Great Golf great drinks plus. It will annoy Wilbon go pack. Go if you're out on your bike tonight. Everyone is all these towns do wear white with this. Yes Sir uh-huh uh uh-huh ah and to mm-hmm in gain weight and purpose back here uh-huh. I do Eh mm-hmm uh-huh Sir in your ready the so they wanna stay begat presidents pop misguided little kid orange neighborhood complex enough. You don't make scape hot in the classic dance. Thank you give us live up to get tax. They want to discuss bye doc where we'd be when they call call for unity guy on the ruined. These converts shift you know become all assault on his promise. Just come home home without pitiful coupons as the Internet got. You're taking tennis shoes. World Make Communist flow positive. It does get up They don't want you to talk talk. Which would Eh Pizza. It takes Sir uh-huh. Uh Aw the yeah.

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