Tony Twitter, CEO, Elizabeth Warren discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Elizabeth Warren is the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that keeps on giving. She just can't stop with the crazy. This time. Jail time for CEO's. Tony cats. Tony cats today. Eight three three got Tony Twitter. Tony cats, Instagram. Tony cats, that's K A T Z her plan makes it a federal crime. For corporate executives to negligently permit or fail to prevent violations of the law at their company. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do. With that. I don't I don't I don't know what to do with that. According to judge Napolitano over there, Fox News. There's no precedent for that American law would radically change the law, which is of course, what she's about. It's the executive accountability act. They always gotta name for these things. Always gotta names for these things. It would impose a year in prison. For an executive first time offender first time offender and three years for repeat offenders. Companies that generate over a billion dollars in avenue annual revenue would be subject to the penalty under the legislative plan. I wanna know who corporate sponsors are. Like like. This writing checks from what a business. Criminalizing negligence. That's something else. That is something else. Now have we determined what the negligence could be. How how my nibble of thing gets you a year in jail. Does she understand that what she's doing there is preventing people from being in business altogether? How does she get the tax base to pay for all the things that she wants to do if she's criminalising everybody for everything they made a mistake on Ken? It's not just a fine. It's it's it's it's jail. Good lord. That's a that's that's just great could Lord that is pathetic and sad. But the the level of hey that these people have is kind of incredible. Because it is at this stage game you understand it's about hate. Now. Speaking of executives actually starting to enjoy I've had much to say about Australia's. Not. Yeah. I got that. Right. Ostra muni else is the CEO of United Airlines. And he has said some things some things I have not been found. But he did this this. I was CBS ABC ABC this web of in yet. And he starts talking about the fact that you know, we're working on getting the WI fi better. You know, the there's hurdles working on this on that. And finally gets the idea that you know, what air travel isn't fun anymore will.

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