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California he will be flanked on either side. By Luca May ver Redshirt junior out of Slovenia and on his right side will be Christa Darrow, a junior from West Chicago, Illinois. The top D pairing for the Yellowjackets will be Nico Somerville. On the left side. He is a true freshman out of British Columbia. And on the right side. The captain Brennan Cap check returns is one of the top score from last year's team. He is a 5 Ft. £970 Signor Ana Mount Prospect. Illinois and in goal I mentioned that Obi split duties this year between Jake Kuchar Ski and Stefano Deronte today, the redshirt freshman out of Erie, Pennsylvania. Jake Kuchar ski will get the start. He is property of the Carolina Hurricanes again, Obi Brigham a ver go, Darrow Somerville cap check and then in goal, Kuchar ski and four Air Force. This is the way Frank's territory will get things going. Blake Bride will center the top line. The sophomore from Broomfield, Colorado, on his right side will be a freshman Nate Horn. Out of Elk River, Minnesota and Willie Rhyme, a familiar face familiar name in the starting lineup. 6 FT. 3 £215 sophomore out of North Oaks, Minnesota on defense. It'll be Brandon Cook and Zach Maraj is mentioned them earlier in the pregame Two of the top returning scores from last year's team Cook a 6 Ft. £185 sophomore out of Hastings, Minnesota, and Maraj is is a 5 Ft. £980 senior out of Newbury, Massachusetts. And in goal tonight it will be Alex Shilling, the 6 Ft. £180 Junior Adama, Dina. Minnesota. That's the way that air force will line this thing up and a I see as well. When we come back. We will take you to Massachusetts so you can hear Air Force began this most interesting season of Air Force sake on the Air Force Sports Network from Lear Field, I MG college presented by Yusa at.

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