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He's a guy that i would want if i didn't know him. He's the type of guy that i would want at my. We asked the question about. Who do you wanna have dinner with. He'd be a great facilitator. You know he'd be a guy to mc a wedding. Oh yeah that sounds like an insult. But i like your wedding. Sure taryn or you interest. Attrition is getting married. People know that christian Recently got engaged. You make it sound like it just happened to me. I just came upon you. Oh my god what. What is this speaking of getting engaged. The way he was talking about his wife i could. I could almost hear the female listeners of the show like about you know well because it's a thomas to you can tell that it's honest And he he. He speaks that way about her off. You know privately as well. So i can. I can attest to their affection for one. Another now that you need me to listeners. Here's a criticism or taryn his his choice of hot tamales l. as his favourite weird stack criticism. I think it's really bizarre. And wow really bizarre. Oh usually very open to different types of snacks. well i've had hot tamales. You just don't like them. I don't dislike but have many in a row. Oh my god. It's way too spicy and and gumy to have too many but there's something great about that 'cause also has this great. There's there's like an absurdist side to him. He's weird too know. Yeah so it's sort of fit. Well i've i've never heard someone say i don't like i'm not. I'm not a chocolate guy. i'm not a sour guy. And i'm not a sweet like gummy guy. Like the only thing left is tamales literally. Pick one thing left after eliminating every other essay. I like mike's but i don't like i. By the way. I have nothing against if they became sponsor. Red hot steel used to love. I don't mind. I like cinnamon. I still really like red hot. I'd like them. Yeah but to snack on the picket as your favourite and too many of them to like eat them throughout now. I'm so hung up on like how taryn would respond to your christmas back' tamales. that's just. It's just bizarre that cinnamon should sound to. It's too much to butthead. It's to my job. I'm doing his version of you. I guess it is a little petty. I loved his. Tom cruise story i. It's so fun to picture him. Being around tom. Cruise and being giddy variety. Know i know. I know and i mean like stomach. Bumped into him really hurt his stomach but he couldn't he couldn't press and such made me laugh so hard it's also such a good storyteller. He includes like just all the relevant information right. He's such a good storyteller. He's funny in the reenacting and like self deprecating and he's just all he said about tom cruise. He said he's doing everything right. And i would say that about him. Yeah let's read a lotta okay. Are you forcing your voice. A little bit to sound less is this i am. I don't mean to be a little weird okay. This is a letter from stephanie. S subject cumberland island and an emoji. What else how would you describe that. It's like a gritted teeth emoji. Like my favorite like like this. Oh i use that a lot to I use it for like on. Maybe i do when. I make like a cheesy joke on instagram. Augerai wonder what word corresponds to that. I'm curious how she was using it now in what what started. Read that rita. Subjects cumberland island. Oh well let's find out. Yeah okay we don't have enough information now. That's limited justin and christian. And i love the show have been listening from the beginning. Thank you stephanie. Life is short was my very first. Podcast subscription whoa. That's really cool. Since i've heard it come up more than once. Now i wanted to share that cumberland island is off the coast of saint. Mary's georgia a small town ninety minutes south of savannah. It's right the ferry to the island the ferry to the island. There's no bridge dachshund historic downtown saint. Mary's near the lovely waterfront park saint. Mary's submarine museum and historic oak grove. Cemetery saint. Mary's is also home to crooked river state park in two kings bay naval submarine base. Wow i wonder if she works. Savannah is one of my favorite places visit while there are several beautiful islands. Off its coast. Cumberland is not one of them Thanks so much for hosting such a fun entertaining. Show sincerely stephanie. S a saint. Mary's native and a dorothy. Oh so i should have read that. In more of the author way cumberland island is not one of them. Psi spent dorothy impression is a little bit like you're on many well. The shoe fits. He has spent two summers at berkshire theater festival and enjoy listening to you. Talk about your summer. Stock experiences in the berkshires. I hate snowy places. But i love summers in the berkshires. I love them too. But i also love snowy. Okay would you. Rather i should we. I get to that cumberland island Dis wo you past your is. Your spell. Really cumberland island. I don't think i didn't read it. that way. she said savannah's one of my favorite places to visit in while there are several beautiful islands are islands off. Its coast. cumberland is not one of them. I read that more as there are so many more beautiful than i should be talking about. Yeah well i don't get the credit. They deserve high. It's a nice way of your real. Stephanie lesser apologised. I have always wanted to go to taibbi taibbi island that's where the shot the baywatch remaking among other things. But i'd love to go back there. God i love that place. Was that awesome place in in georgia. That we we stop and that great coffee cooler apu or george. Great taco town greytown greg. Coffee shop I'm curious to what she doesn't like about cumberland island. I just thought it was so beautiful. But i guess they're more beautiful places i should explore or maybe cumberland island has gone to hell since all maybe yeah maybe because it was i was surprised by how.

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