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Does that mean that. We're filtering tax payers to the irs. That's not what that means. That only means the irs is coming to us in leveraging our tools as kind of the best in the industry out there for tax compliance as related to crypto currency. And so we're helping them get their arms in you know minds wrapped around this new emerging asset classes. Well we've tripled headcount we've lost an office in seattle. We are very soon a launching an office in the uk and so it's just momentous and rapid growth that's leading to This rays and those milestones put us in a fortuitous spot where we were preempted by many of the world's best investors and we're fortunate to be in a position where we got to got to choose who we want around at the table and for us. We want to be operationally. Excellent and so. I've ep with tom. Lavera joining our board Just great operator and a great firm and then inside partners i. i've known them for my days back at call trek so long standing relationship over the years there and just a great partner in value. Add to have around at the table and so let's start first with the bitcoin side. By the way. I've got this. Massive waterbombing makes fun of but with the bitcoin and cryptocurrency tax side. That seems to have really come to the forefront over the last couple of weeks with the infrastructure bill and everything going on their help. Everyone explain or understand how you work with the irs. Cy with the corporations and then with the individuals..

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