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If you're in minnesota if you're army member in minnesota get the hell out of there get out now run now. It's all over for you. There the whole state is overrun with a terrifying creature that they're discovering scads of them there in minnesota in. Here's the thing about minnesota. It is the great lakes st eddie pennsylvania but atlanta one thousand lakes. But they say. I believe that's what they're called and there lakes are being overrun by very invasive species. The likes of which no one has ever seen before and could not have anticipated any pence. I'm talking of course about the giants. Invasive yeah goldfish and massive goldfish are taking over. The state of minnesota all starts in the city of burnsville minnesota k. And apparently there it has been found that large groups of massive football sized goldfish football size. Are infesting keller lake and they suspect the residents are the cause with what well. Here's what's happened. Let me tell you something as a goldfish owner myself. Yes and doctor and live saving goldfish. Emt allow me to tell you that. I was surprised upon hearing the details. What happens when you take a pet goldfish. And let's say you got your goldfish. Maybe got it for your kid. You wanted to have county fair or something. Most people acquire goldfish. You get an a plastic ziplock bags and take it home and you put it in a certain away. And then they die Fairly soon yeah and then you get to move on with your life. But sometimes they don't die right but the kid loses interest. And maybe you have an ass full of feeding the fish in cleaning the tank. You're done with it and so you say to yourself you say i.

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