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Country, burning acres of vineyards and forcing the evacuation of homes and an area hospital. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for people in Halina, California, this man says it is devastating, anxiety inducing and depressing. Packing up everything that we can have our child go down. It seemed like laughs, cries every single range human emotion. The glass fire erupted early Sunday morning, then has since burned 2500 acres in Napa and a cinema counties. The Denver Broncos put the entire town of South Park in the stands for last night's game. The seats were filled with cardboard cut outs of the character's wearing facemasks. This comes just days before the premiere of the show's pandemic. Special South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are massive Broncos fans They grew up in Colorado. They met at C U. That's where they created the characters. South Park's Pandemic Special airs Wednesday night at eight on Comedy Central. Coming up here just a moment away an auction house in Ohio. It's has returned this a sacred hand carved figure to a native American tribe. That story is coming up. Government of the J News time Fivethirtyeight. It's time for traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the AIDS kind of damp Monday morning, Let's go to the roads Here's Dennis hasn't caused any problems for drivers at least so far, Roberta so far would I get any calls to the country? They don't traffic crashes it showing up on the triple A jam cams ice floe traffic through the city around through the suburbs as well. 94 6 96 75 large 96 trouble free us 23 m 14 in the an arboreal look good If you come across something, let us know at 248. 4236 double G double B. J, but right now, no calls. That's good. Watch the Triple Eight. You have Gaston this Angels of Mercy L system traffic center that is new Backer W. W. J news radio 9 50 or identity now the actor with the forecast Here's our meteorologist Brian Thompson could be a couple of showers around this morning. But we do expect that.

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