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Pass out so the the highest point that a helium balloon can get to and this is nothing else goes wrong. Doesn't hit anything win. Can be a factor. If nothing goes wrong i think. The highest in go is Thirty two kilometers because that is Where the atmosphere that. That's the point at which the atmosphere surrounding the balloon is the same way to helium the kegs. The same time in a balloon pops. So that's like line somewhere around thirty two kilometers which is was twenty miles twenty miles to eventually in in the one percent chance that nothing else happened. Then you go up to thirty two kilometers your unconscious and then all the balloons pop and you drop. I just wanna know how it is. That's how it ends. That's it still an achievement. I gotta say that's thirty. That's high up. There are spreading is pretty high. I mean again. It's that's that's what nothing else taken into effect again. I think given so if you if you meet geeking off one minute but few imagine all those balloons heights would share with a person in it. I think that's just the strain alone from the string pulling one. That balloon will make it pop way earlier than that. Thirty two kilometers that i mentioned so You probably get up there one or two pop and then you'd start to come back. Download slowly. yeah. You wouldn't get to experience. Got and hopefully someone's filming. I guess i'm surprised. I'm genuinely surprised. No one has tried to kill. James bond that way to my balloons missed up on the most boring action sequences and james bond slowly slowly. I'm dr healy. Oh charlie have to have a lame name is just like the first thing they thought of and it goes in the movie. Okay okay so you reminded me they. They mentioned this thing. Called the armstrong line. I don't know if that's what a similar to this thirty two kilometers point or not but they mentioned that there's like extreme pressure up there and that your saliva boils at this point goal is to get to the base. Sixty three thousand feet. It's called the armstrong line or the armstrong limit. That's the point at which they're so little pressure holding your body together. It's lethal the idea. Around is the atmospheric pressure is approximately six point. Three kill pasco's and that is the boiling point. That is where the boiling point of water equals the normal human body temperature which is usually like seven degrees celsius and as we know oh. Humans are roughly sixty percent water. So you're boiling. You're you're boiling up there And that's that's all based on Pressure so hold on a second. When you're telling me when we get to sixty thousand feet in the air all the water in our body boils yes no what soak water boils and you just happen to be majority water so yes kids. Frigging we boil. So yeah you blue man. That's i. I don't know i don't know if it's instant i don't know if it's like a slow boil like a slow rolling boy like i'm about to make pasta or if it's like an instant life flash boiler i don't i don't know which boil it is but i know i know you start boiling and i mean how do we avoid. Because i mean if if we're going to space or whatnot how do you avoid the boyle sidestep that otherwise you don't go basically that'll okay and not your tj maxx spacesuit. Yeah you back to the pressure. Cooker arose amazon's pressure cookers. So yeah if. I knew that that was the risk. I guess i'd like a really expensive properly tested suit as well and i also wanted to mention hypotheses you using these suits. Dangers are real at twenty five thousand feet. If i found that my suits were failing first off there's not enough oxygen to breathe so you become hypothesis. They mentioned this when he's up in that plane to that like it's and this sounds like a james bond death actually dana. Where like it's painless. And the victim is completely unaware that they're getting hypoxia. Well supposedly when you. I don't i don't really like travel east. Didn't want this to be the expert. Be thought of as the guy that knows of cool ways to die but supposedly when you die of hypothermia you get wonderfully warm. I and then and then you just like your counter intuitive your brain just like freaking out or why does that happen kenny. Kenny knows i. Don't i think it's i think it's that all the they got all the blood. Re- retreat from your extremities. Oh so you all around your heart feel real warm. Yeah you're right. He's trying everything it can do. Yeah yeah that sounds. I think from the from the perspective of hypoxia. You are because because when you're selling your brain starts dot or the start. Yeah when you lose oxygen in your brain stale started back. I think it takes On the low end like thirty seconds on the high end a minute and a half to lose consciousness and then will you lose consciousness to just slowly going further and further into brain death Where on average. I think i think the longest like ten minutes. And then you're absolutely brain-dead And in the low end again that spot minutes so again you've got like a three minute margin there to deliver and you probably don't you notice because your unconscious and i'm pretty. I'm pretty sure that's why you would notice because your unconscious and full circle bring yourself out of it and just a point worth.

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