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Peter all just chris peers is here from our partners that cbs 4 and the weather department area you guys are tracking some weird summer weather i mean it's been so wet in places than so cloudy and now we're getting a cold front you say by the end of the week yes it will feel like leaked september by the time get to thursday but until then it's it's really i mean i i have to say this is perfect weather of yeah july 'cause they could easily be well into the 90s or 100s but not today a high about eighty five or so mostly sunny yeah they'll be a couple of those little pesky showers and storms later today but most of you stay dry about sixty tonight same deal tomorrow complete repeat back to the middle 80s wednesday middle 80s but the difference will be the clouds increasing ahead of that cold front and thursday april seventy four degrees with a good chance for kind of a cloudy sorta dreary day round here and we stay in the '70s for friday he mentioned a hundred how often have we hit the triple ditch it's the summer twice we had to uh yeah you know the months started hot or early july was hot around here but we're indiana below normal note i was gone so actually didn't know that it was a hot start to july sounds like i took my vacation at just the right time you did thanks chris sure nary that good first the broncos h hundred wherever i can do nothing from the ricky d and demarcus walker adjusting to elevations for his first few days of training camp kelly's my grace while one on one with fellow rookie wide receiver returner isaiah mckenzie as he gets used.

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