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Drawing attention for taking on the issue in line to the president's aggressive use of Twitter to berate detractors in his use of name calling police. Say a female employee opened fire to Houston area food distribution center today killing one man wounding another authorities say happened Ben e Keith distribution center. In Missouri city. Texas woman died of the hospital police. Don't yet know if she was shot, by an officer or died self inflicted gunshot Andrew covering after he was shot in southwest Oklahoma City here's Jacqueline Scott police arrived yesterday afternoon to find. Bullet casings and a bag of drugs in the DNC groceries parking lot near south west twenty ninth in Kentucky The victim's family says the man had apparently been caught, in a crossfire, between people, in two, cars that fled the scene the victims expected. To recover a trial date could be set soon. For a teenage boy accused of killing me and sexually assaulting an elderly woman sixteen. Year old Deontay green accused of killing forty four year old Shane. Anderson and Tulsa in October of last year investigators say green at already robbed and sexually assaulted an elderly woman prior to killing Anderson and a homicide investigation underway, in Washington county as we hear from Sean Carey, police in bartlesville are, investigating the fatal shooting. Of a man whose body was discovered in the street in front, of his home this happened Sunday. Police say the fifty four year old victim was shot after he confronted people who've been getting into unlocked cars in his neighborhood in federal authorities. Want to get the word out about people driving under the influence of drugs National Highway Traffic Safety Administration deputy administrator Heidi king says it is a growing problem Apple among, fatalities in traffic crashes forty-two percent have. Some form of impairing drugs in their system in, places where they're testing drivers who are arrested for impairment they're seeing huge numbers of drivers that have not only one but multiple substances in their blood and sometimes mixed with alcohol, and king says a new wellness campaign slogan is if you feel different you drive different a disgraced Hollywood actor sees a new. Phil bomb at the box office, Jane Metzler explains Kevin Spacey plays allude coked up high roller in billionaire boys club producers not exactly eager to promote the Oscar. Winners involvement so they didn't promote the film at all Spacey's not in the trailer and the.

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