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League group stage with new Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski facing his old club Bayern Munich and group C while first year Manchester City striker Ellen Holland will be taken on this former club Russia Dortmund in group G with one week remaining in the summer transfer window, the Premier League has already broken its record by spending 1.5 billion pounds this summer beating the previous high of 1.4 billion said in 2017. So far, 14 players have been signed by clubs for fees exceeding 30 million pounds while last summer only 8 players are brought in for amounts larger than 30 million. Finally, the New York Yankees are placing all star pitcher Nestor Cortes on the injured list with a groin injury. In a 131 innings pitched so far this season the lefty has posted a 2.68 ERA on dance sportsman that your Bloomberg world sports update. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick tapes. This is a Bloomberg business flash. All right, well, we have, of course, a week which began this week. It at least with a lot of the marketplace nervous ahead of J pal's speech of the Jackson hole symposium. Now that address is just some 18 hours away now, but it does seem as though the same market players have become emboldened by what the fed chair may well say. Now, Thursday did see stocks and bonds rally and amongst the biggest winners U.S. listed China stocks and we're looking forward to a big bounce with some of those names that also trade here in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The NASDAQ golden dragon China index jumped 6.3%. That's the most in more than two months and it comes against his bankrupt of talks between both countries avoid the delisting of companies on the New York Stock Exchange show some progress. And of course we did see this sell off take place also when it came to what happened earlier this week in privileges clawing back some of that terrain. We had the slowing. This is actually the day after the slowest trading day of 2022 for U.S. equities and volumes again way, way, way below average and that was leading the charge when it was some of those familiar names mega caps like Apple, Amazon and they saw a big, big move up. But the Tesla, a bit of a whipsaw session, that stock split took effect. Having a look at what treasury ten year yields ended up as and still are at the moment at 3.02% this time last yesterday they were up to about 3.1% of their about. So we have that as well. Dollar slipping back, it does mean that the Euro is still below parity. We have a yen on a 136 46 and Sterling on $1 80. So there we go. That is a look at what's going on in terms of markets that say we do check them every ten minutes. Let's find out what's going on in terms of global news now. All right, let's get over to Denise Pellegrini. As we take a look at those headlights. That's right, rich. Thank you, and we're watching for headlines on that

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