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On the graphic novel by brian leo molly starring michael cera at his peak michael sarah nece and loaded with a hit cast including mary elizabeth winston anna kendrick aubrey plaza here in culkin brie larson chris evans alison pill brandon routh and jason jason jason schwartzman at the tongue twister for me this visually stimulating action comedy was worthy more than its paltry eighty four million bucks off his whole it did receive a fresh eighty two percent on rotten tomatoes however mediocre sixty nine percent on metacritic the film follows closely with the style of the books on which it's based living deep within a video game visual style and mid mid two thousands on we that as far more enchanting channing now than it appeared at the time twenty two year olds scott is swimming in apathy dating naive high schooler playing bass in his punk band and sharing a room with his gay best friend wallace wells played by culkin but he becomes enamored with this i hair girl at a party ramona flowers played by mary elizabeth winston despite all the advice against that he pursues her and eventually the begin dating however in dating her he learns that in order to continue their courtship she must he must defeat her seven evil exes and that includes people like brandon ralph and chris evans and so on and so forth it is a sensory orgy of style color lighting and action it is perfect for right who was coming off of the brilliant satire shaun of the dead and hot fuzz and his film making style it's very well for the comic book look that o'malley craft it's over six novels along with the visual the auditory experiences tremendous the soundtrack is wellcrafted incorporated within the film and definitely was a phase one test for what he did with last year's baby driver the writing is a little break neck in the comedy is definitely of an acquired taste but from a technical standpoint along with all the cameos scott pilgrim is worth a bargain pickup on blu ray or at least a stream of which it is on hbo until the end of the month scott kelt pilgrimage through i'm surprised didn't do as well i thought it was like you know call to reviews but i didn't realize it had that kind of a reception rick absolutely bombed at the box office i remember seeing it opening weekend i remember buying it it's one of the first blu rays i ever bought it's it's perfect for the high def era when it came out in twenty ten early twenty eleven but yeah it just it never caught on within the theatrical run however in dvd blu ray now streaming it's develop more of a cult following but i don't feel that it's appreciated enough for what it is especially now that edgar right did baby driver and you can look at little beets and things he did within scott pilgrim and especially what he's done in the coronado trilogy of the world's end and hot fuzz and shaun of the day fuzz unbelievable and you you go and look at those films and you see how he's grown and learned as a filmmaker and especially just built this career on taking a lot of chances with stuff that may have been done before may not have been done before but definitely making it his own and scott pilgrim is one of those films and with all the cameos academy award winner breed larson into starting a great little quick maybe ten fifteen minute cameo within the film and all the other the entire cast and just how they bill hater even has a cameo sitting around there somewhere as well so definitely worth watches on hbo till the end of the month if it's not there by the time you listen to this go get it on blu ray you can get it for like eight bucks on amazon or something like that thanks for mentioning bill hader for your emmy nominations update credit berry forgetting recognized.

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