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There's not all these bright vibrant colors because that's just not a resin evil game or maybe that's an excuse Kremlin on either way. The game looks great and detail does not disappoint. So going back to this whole poop story. So in resolute where you, this is what detail means please pretty please proceed. So in resin evil or raccoons, police departments kinds of last stand of the survivors in the city, the last unified stand and in resin evil resume on the places you kind of get a sense of that, but obviously their technical imitations all the backgrounds for just sort of like pre rendered. You can't really interact with them Bob LA. But in this. Game, obviously, time so changed. And so you see little things everywhere that remind you that this really was a last stand for a lot of people, and this is things did not go well, and you can see that you can see the desperation that happened there. So I walked into the mayor's media room. I think it's the chief one or the other. There's a media room in this building and it's where all the press conferences were happening. In person, the middle. There's a very badly fucked up body and there's blood street. There's a blood trail leading from a door came from. But if you look in the corners of the room, you can see, garbage bags piled almost ceiling high. And then you see these little tiny little bags. Next said, garbage bags that look like little doggy bags. And I know what these look like because I have a dog if he poops a lot and I'm like, oh, I know it's in those begs because there's also toilet paper right outside the hallway and putting all these pieces together and like, yes, do you are telling me a story and I appreciate it. Samer..

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