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And they can't tell me the booze that he steals that's all you that's. Vital that's a. Public service Because He just, says I'll take. Whatever, well I guess some people do, that but like Yeah if dude is going after Tanqueray I think is what's in that picture. And I have. A, bunch of Tanqueray in. A spot that visible from a window I'm at. Risk yeah that's just public service part of the reason people don't trust journalists anymore and the other thing is they need more and more, details about set, rabbit and not. Only, was getting cargo space apparently in, an airplane Seat for them wasn't that the things now let's go into space but I like it I like him in a seat Fake news that would you like some, peanuts do you have. Any carrot stick I demand lettuce Forged So help me if you make one Peter cocktail, joke I am out of here Paid for my ticket sir A certain NewsRadio Colo's welcoming, welcomes him in with here comes, p Song is going to be. As sterile this is, really funny, if. It was set up correctly it would be funny Dunkin Hines rabbit He's Dunkin Hines. From now on let's, not let's, not I. Was. Going to be number four zero. Five three. Zero soon L. Dunkin Hines all right we'll play the Dunkin hunters perfectly reasonable explanation for why this money was spent on. The rabbit and another places, on, the. Other side of this break keep it, here on, Boston Herald radio With.

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