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With Eisenhower and then, of course the Democrats who Humphrey the pendulum swung toward, civil rights the. Labor movement and then? What happened Dixiecrats who, were Democrats outhern Democrats were invited to join the Republican party there is you have that audio clip you. Have, Leah yeah I can play right now if, you'd like go ahead and the and he talks about how to make grace abstract Do the same thing but it's abstract yeah. Actually, the one I've got I'm looking at the, wave form on it and I'm not sure that it's been beeped so Mike Would you start Oh Yeah we. Did Four And then it goes on and he, says you, know and then you get an economic issues which hurt white folks more than white white. Folks and now you're totally. Abstract now you're totally abstract and I, look I couldn't my political. Teeth we're about the same age one that period of. Time and so the the Dixiecrats then joined the what the Republican party and then went from there to the tea. Party and you, know, we, we we tend to forget that on inauguration. Night, well let me go back to what the Democrats have forty, seconds Joe until he hit a. Hundred you, know they're not. Perfect they're not, perfect but I tell you if I were Republican and a coal, miner I'd be wondering why they have in help coal miners that are now dying of black lung, disease and I could list a few other things that Republicans ought to be. Asking, yeah, yeah Actually, that's pretty pretty important stuff what. Is the, Republican party done. For you thank, you I mean this is this is it's it's pretty incredible Joe, thanks so much for for dropping in and I know that you've got you've got to get to, something else but I I really appreciate your drop it in and discussing this. With, us Thank you anytime Joe Madison the? Great, Joe Madison you can hear..

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