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King operating dot com and let's go to skip in Burlington, Vermont. Good evening. Doing, Jim? Excuse me. I haven't heard anybody. Addressed the military usage of petroleum. You've got the army and maybe your force and even the Marines. Indeed, by it. And Way gonna supply it. And on and I put it this way. You know, if you are I have to get our gasoline from an OPEC country. Well, I'm not thrilled about that. But if our military is dependent for shall we say questionable sources Jae young. That's a That's not a good idea. Agree. And you know to, uh we're not going electric anytime soon. I can't see a big any big military base. How the one A one tanks Not going a little trick tomorrow. No. Where you going to charge it. Exactly. You're on a battlefield or you're gonna charge it. Think about that. That's exactly right. Yeah, So, Yeah. Good. Good point. Skip it all the things that I hope are being being kept in mind as we proceed forward here. Out. Ah, In your view. Ah J would it be, Uh, Let's let's say that the Biden administration said. We've got a real global warming problem here, all kinds of of problems here if they called in, let's say the leading CEOs of oil and gas in this country and said, work with us are there things that could be done on the cooperative basis as opposed to this? Slash and burn, shutting down of things. Well, good question, you know? Yeah, but I think what The big There is, they would say, Hey, great if we could get prices, too, you know, 65 or $75 a barrel where we can get our production up in the United States. We will Don't forget. I mean, it takes $10 million to go grill incomplete, not not buying the leases and all that's a different cause Administrations. Your organizational cause the different covered just a drilling complete one. Well, it's $10 million. And if you have, if you're getting 4 to 500,000 barrels, just think about it. I mean, you gotta have You don't wanna trade money, which means you're putting up two million and getting back to million. You wanna make a profit and if they can do that, and they could produce a lot more oil in the shell if they have higher or prize. That's the only way they're not gonna do it for free. Just just because they wanted, you know, God bless America. There's shareholders and everything. I want to make money, and only they can make money is with higher oil prices, and that's something else to keep in mind. Also, we are we're talking here. Not about people who are drilling into the ground and drilling, of course, many dry holes for everyone that produces something, so that's expensive. We're not talking about Ah, hobby here. We're talking about people who run companies and who have workers who depend on them for the payroll that this is not just some idle activity, and I think our lack of understanding of market forces in this country may have led some even Even heaven forbid people in positions of authority to not fully understand the dynamics at work here. Exactly. And you know what? Two. They're not only gonna have to convince, you know, Once the old prices go up, they have to go get the capital somewhere and the capital's dried up. I mean, I was reading an article not long ago, hundreds of billions of dollars go into the industry, too. Increase the U. S. Old production from 5 to 13 million and all of a sudden the prices collapse. Well, there's a lot of institutions that are saying, you know, this isn't very fun is not very much fun. We're not making any money, so they're they're out there looking at technology or You know other forms of ways to make money. They don't have toe invested only gas and a lot of those companies. Institutions are not going to come back. 26 650, Jimbo. When 866505462 sixes we talked to John in Charleston, West Virginia. Hello, John. Thanks for taking my call. Mm. As you all know, we're one of the largest suppliers of cold. Great. Oh, yeah, West Virginia, certainly, and we're one of the poorest states. Would say on a per capita basis that Z true, yes. Well. They made a battery that runs all saltwater. Okay, And I've noticed that a lot of war mines are being are being purchased in different countries. Well, there's a there's a mineral in war minds, which is cool, right? Okay, That's a better conductor. So you get a lot more time when you're in his new electric vehicles coming out. I predict. You know, Tesla has money. Largest in the stock market. I don't I've never even been a dominant start more of it. But I'm home alone. I'm retired. And I see what's going on. These or these organized contains fluoride. Okay. And then you see people you seem now they're buying glass. You know a glass? That's you know, that's the way it goes by last stock market for all the For the likes of cars, huh? And it is going To crush the economy. For the oil because you're not gonna need gas no more. Well, I'm not sure what the point we were quote not gonna need it anymore. But I would like Jae Young to comment on what you've had to say. John Yeah, I mean, so you're using. We need 20 million barrels of all the day. And if you take every car, every truck off the road that's that's taking about. 40% of that oil. So you're still going to need a lot of oil in the United States is not going away any time soon. And then the infrastructure, you know was the batteries and things that nature you're you don't have an infrastructure You don't have. We have gas stations on every corner. Now that you stopped and get it. Where do you Where do you charge of all your batteries? And people don't have this is gonna take a lot to get. Was from a to B. And now what you're talking about. I'm really not 100% sure, And I don't know how much I can quote on exactly what You know you're discussing with that You're saying it's gonna just gonna kill oil? With with batteries and things that nature which you know, I don't know about killing because it's going to take a long time for that transition to happen. Yeah, we'll take a quick break. Come back with Maura. It 186650, Jimbo in just a moment. Call 1888 farmers and you could save on your auto insurance better than using your phone to see if your post got any likes again. Call.

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