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We see patients with cancer for example fiftynineyearold with lung and brain cancer who just wasn't able to afford her up payments anymore for traditional insurance we see people had to cut hours down when they get a diagnosis and again just can't they don't have access to care other than through the michigan medicaid expansion programmes and show the rightfully so you have fears when people start to mess around with plans without coming up with an idea ahead of time or saying what it is going to do to replace these opportunities it does it causes us fair on health we all go into that failed because we want people to have access to care and so for us to have no plan no alternative on the table it's very scary trust me it's an embarrassment to watch in washington eight years of complaints about a plan and then when the opportunity arises to quote unquote fix it nobody has a clue as to what to do it's it's just downright embarrassing but unfortunately on the front line of care like you are at beaumont you don't have time to sit around the globe what a bunch of idiots you have to take care of business we would although we would very much like a seat at the table and we think that we as healthcare experts and provider as we would be the best people to have the discussion about what comes next seems like that would make sense to me carolyn willson as the executive vice president chief operating officer beaumont are you are you hopeful you're going to get that place with the table we are working with both michigan hospital cessation america has plus ushaitian other provider groups the ama and really asking desperately to be at the table well i hope that your will only makes sense it would only make sense that you would have saved since you're at the front line.

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