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If you're interested in our hit list of the winningest stocks to look at in 2021, then text the word smoke 24854 to text the word smoke 248542 and don't get left behind in 2021 text smoke 248542. Moscow court Tuesday ordered Russian opposition that a relaxing of only two president charges that he violated the terms of his probation while he was recuperating in Germany from nerve agent poisoning. It was an extraordinary day today, both outside call where I've bean an inside court, where Alexander Valley was in a glass cage to hear the case against him outside court, there was a massive security presence, huge number of riot police Try to keep protesters away because there's a huge amount of focus. Of course, on this case, Aleksei Navalny in court denouncing what he calls a show trial against him, no doubt in his mind at all that this is a political case and In fact, his language was extraordinary. He lashed out that Vladimir Putin, the president of this country, directly and personally accusing him of being behind Mr Navalny's poisoning last August, BBC Sarah Rainsford, the bony received a 2.5 year prison term. This is town hall dot com. Democratic representative is urging the federal government and Department of Defense to screen the social media accounts. Of U. S Service members. Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California. Remember, the House Armed Services Committee wrote in a letter to president by then his top defense chiefs that the federal government must do more to weed out white supremacist sympathizers in the armed forces and other areas of government. She wrote the letter Social media is not viewed during the military of sentience process or even as part of the background investigations process for security clearances. Spear went on in her letter to call upon Mr Binding issue an executive order identifying white supremacy in violent extremism as a critical threat. Directing a disease a screen applicants for such views before employment is offered. Bernie Bennett reporting an explosion in an industrial park in Los Angeles is injured four people, three of them critically, authority said it happened at a Santa Clarita neighborhood it about 4:45 P.m. Tuesday. The blast left three men with severe burns and they were taken.

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