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Wireless baseball's best networks no contracts oklahoma gaining seven hundred eighty five total george lincoln riley looks back at a memorable game great football ballgame to really really good football teams one at it and especially to elite corps box in all the quality of plants quarterback position in this game was to me rival the the texas tech game that we had last year i mean you're talking about two guys at the absolute top of their game the gus put on the show and it was just go or game oil all they had some momentum early in all we rebel account of hang in there a little bit defensively as we get going offense of lady and then we had a chance on a couple of times in the second quarter to break it opens separate and you know we weren't able to get stops we wanted than play very good defensively swirling that second quarter and the but offense a kept scorn and then in all offense gust under delegate a little bit third quarter and the defense answered we cannot just took care of each other all night you know and then we you know we throw the pig down there at the end and the defense as the answer we have to pick the ball off three different terms to win it but we finally we finally did saw minutes we we gotta get better playing complementary football we still got a lot of room to grow as a team block i told them there for good at one thing right now it's one and we kind of find a way and saw in order to keep battling but it was a great great atmosphere in a lotta great football players on the field unbelievable effort both teams it was just that's one nor remember for a long time.

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