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Listen to the entire discussion on federal news network, search Verizon. It's 1138 traffic and weather on the 8s here's rich hunter. All right, some of the heaviest volume right now is then that works on the analytic between the interchange for car to rock across the American major bridge headed to Georgetown pike where you get both works on single file to left. Now beyond that Vita was reporting a crash on the idol loop in the area of one 23, it actually turned out to be in the express lanes before you get to 66. It is blocking the left lane of two by there's no delay getting past it, but just be aware they're out there. Again, on the antelope ramp to go west on 66 single file to the left on that ramp gets you by beyond that, nothing else in your way headed south towards Springfield now coming north of Springfield. Again, you've got the main line work sound between gallows road and I 66 single left lane gets you by the off ramps to both eastbound and westbound 66 closed as part of this work on your diverted up to route 7 as a result, and then on the inner loop between the toll road and Georgetown pike, two right lanes get you by 66 westbound as you head west the route 7 toward the beltway single right land gets you through the works on the accident takes you toward the added loop in analytic express lanes is open and then beyond that as you approach and pass not least through your down to a single lane to the left through the work there, 66 E's found as you approach the beltway, the ramps to both the inner and outer loop were closed by construction as is the left exit that takes you to the Internet loop express lanes. Everybody's diverted to route 7 as a result of that closure, rich hunter WTO traffic. Now your forecast Amelia Draper. Clear and chilly tonight, this mild air is quickly exiting with lows in the 40s. Overall

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