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Ten now to the Harley exterior sports desk. Tom hutler here folks around the country are paying attention to these guys. Yeah. Because they've got the best wreck. In baseball. And they're to the best record after eight games in franchise history. Dan Vogel back hit a tiebreaking Homer. In the eighth lift the Mariners over the angels two to one last night improving them to seven and one for the first time in franchise history. The Homer made a winner of lefty Marco Gonzalez who won eight and a third innings to improve to three, you know, retiring seventeen straight angels hitters at one point in all retired twenty two of the final twenty-five that he faced the mayors are off today before opening a weekend series of the White Sox tomorrow in Chicago big shoes to fill the huskies. Kickoff there. Twenty nineteen spring football practice this morning. Komo's Bill Schwartz talks about the dogs. Offense gone. Our four year starters and school record holders. Jake Browning and miles Gaskin had quarterback former lake Stevens high school star Jacob eastern learned the U dub system for a year after transferring in from Georgia Jake Hainer saw limited game action last season and running back. The dogs cupboard certainly is not bear speedsters savant. Akhmed Sean McGrew along with Kamari pleasant. Give Washington experience and versatility. Fifteen practices culminate with fan fest and spring preview Saturday, April twenty-seventh, they'll swertz on the home of the huskies. Komo news. A big fan of the alliance of American football. Had you even heard of the alliance of American football was a spring league that was playing with eight teams. They have suspended operations eight games into the first season. A source says they are not folding but games won't be played this weekend. It's never a good sign. Sports at ten and forty pounds the hour. Tom hutler. The home of the huskies. Komo news. Eight eleven right now, we'll check traffic and weather for you. Just a couple of minutes away. More help could be coming to police as they tried to deal with addiction in St. camps throughout the state. Komo's met Markovic spoke with the state Representative who's been touched by this problem. And there's three calls that you can get as a parent. He's been arrested. He's.

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