Bob Mcmanaman, Hugh Brierley, Dodgers discussed on Yankees at Chicago White Sox


You a bob mcmanaman the one and only is back on the bench like at nonwine anywhere no now any of these players i mean this is the biggest budget noname players come off except for gone neck well mayor you heard ranki though of course grandi alreadytight about that like literally like honestly now they're they're bob and as i never heard of one of them and then i did this scouts so got he got attention this weekend i never her until i heard of in this weekend and and look at these you're actually are you should mention that he does while i is mother my my let me saying that about listen at dad literally i've never any of these players now while get the noam dick lamm uh probably an allstar a robby ray pitcher probably allstars gonna go for my twin next time out fernando roddy must have heard hurdle somewhere law the lime cut twenty today the i know him hugh brierley get to know with bearded flight or foot long hours either ducked dynasty to hero bad those guys crazy and a brand andrew chris all when you ever heard of c o u colmes spike out here really who is the guy who you say the guy was the aired arch you bradley archie brad thirdly who were start i rump paired with a starting pitcher and couldn't beat out shopian miller for the fifth starter roll so they're place at relieve her usually reliever now i is is killed it he's kind like a scorer streak of twelve or thirteen air who than um everything seems to be magical for what is even uh they've never play the dodgers or the playoffs since they better team uh in ninety eight i hope.

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