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Las Vegas She's kicked off a residency in December so. She's offering fans two kinds of shows. Lady Gaga 'nigma will highlight her biggest and upbeat hits while lady Gaga jazz piano will feature more stripped down, songs they're a mirror of her. Career so far which has featured some of Pop's biggest songs along with other projects, including jazz record with Tony Bennett. The, first, of twenty seven performances, at the park theater is set for December twenty eighth and tickets go, on sale August thirteenth speaking. Of other projects she stars in the remake of a star is born alongside Bradley Cooper which opens in theaters act, Tober v A Tokyo medical. School has confirmed that it wanted more, men to become doctors, Tokyo Medical University has. Apologized for. Manipulating all entrance exam results starting in two thousand six to limit. The number of female students the manipulation. Was revealed during an internal investigation it found that in this year's entrance exams the school reduced all applicants first-stage, test scores by twenty percent and. Then added at least twenty points for male applicants the school said the manipulation shouldn't, have happened and it won't in. The, future, it said it would, consider retroactively admitting those who otherwise would have passed the exams although it, didn't explain how it would do it Hi I'm Megan crane AP digital manager and, host of the podcast ground game a look at the. Top political issues, bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast one while you're there be sure to subscribe. Rate and review it that's the podcast ground game.

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