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Units sometimes generated complaints of corruption and brutality. But Mayor Lightfoot says that history isn't being ignored here. Well, I think that the superintendent is very cognizant off the challenges that existed with these groups before on DH, putting in particular safeguards to make sure that there's proper supervision and accountability. It's much smaller. It has been before I think of times past it searched a 400 or more. We're not going that large. But we need the flexibility of a centralized group. The unit will be designed to react quickly to hot spots. Craig Della More news radio 105.9 F s where l police have been looking for a gunman who shot another man in the head yesterday. Town spokesman Ray Hanania says it happened long, sister 11 here was the shooting, obviously involving a gun. On two individuals. One of the individuals was shot in the head. This occurred around 33rd. Antonia says the shooting victim was treated at the scene before being taken to a hospital while police investigated the shooting. Several avenue was blocked at 33rd. Causing some major traffic problems. Change Kaga. Right now we have mostly cloudy skies, and that's the way it's going to remain overnight with a 75 degree low. It's eight minutes past the hour paint. No Paramount isn't just paint. It's the number one painting over all interior hide and stain resistance, providing the most advanced protection in just one coat. And now you can get that same outstanding protection.

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