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Slow most of the way from one hundred twenty eighth to ease marginal. And it looks like northbound ninety nine is now starting to build through the tunnel are next KOMO traffic out, seven forty four and our weather forecast clouds this morning. And then we're talking about a mix of showers and possible sunbreaks later in the day. High temperature about sixty two degrees increasing showers overnight tonight and tomorrow looks like. Could be a wet day and a little bit blustery with the potential for some thunderstorms in the afternoon. And if you're caught in the convergence on there may even be some hail, and some intense downpours at times tomorrow's high about sixty bounceback for the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, sunshine sixty five Saturday seventy on something it's forty nine downtown right now. Komo news time seven thirty six. Seattle, man is in France to commemorate the anniversary of d day by jumping out of an airplane, just as thousands of allied paratroopers, did seventy five years ago today. His story from komo's Corwin Hake. Least it was very emotional back in the nineteen eighties. Taryn Lindholm was a member of the army eighty second airborne division today. He's in France, where he volunteered to make one more jump as part of a seventy fifth anniversary, d day recreation we dropped into one of the original drop zones. So it was about as close as you can get to a, an accurate reenactment. We should note, the Terron is part of the KOMO family. He's married to coamo four reporter, Denise Whitaker, and they traveled together to France honor the troops that fought and died over ten thousand allied troops died on that day on d day. And tells me he flew aboard and original see thirty four troop carrier to the drop zone near Omaha beach, his gear, a replica of what a nineteen forty four paratrooper would have worn only the parachute was modern equipment, although still the rounded shape we associated with the era to be part of that and shit unfold. The way that I did in the accuracy of the reenactment was. Really wasn't overwhelming. Two hundred men recreated, the jump a far cry from the thirteen thousand who jumped on that fateful day. Corwin Hake, KOMO news. Governor Jay Inslee is hopes for climate change. Primary debate have been dashed by the Democratic.

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