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Schoolteacher which is a kind of actor and what my father did an was that that was the profession that society had more or less laid out for me and i think my determination to avoid teaching is in part a shyness of any kind of public performance daily putting yourself they're trying to look good so i've been extra serious about making it as a freelance writer where i don't really have to come out of the closet where i can do the whole thing at a distance and in a room by myself of the of the males so yes in that extent also psoriasis as made me be a little bolder than i might have ordinarily dennis certainly got me to the caribbean i've seen a lot of lovely islands that i wouldn't have seen of i didn't have psoriasis he said it need you bodey right only psoriasis could've taken a very average little boy boy who love the average the daily the safely hidden and turned him into an adaptable ruthless enough writer where's does the ruthlessness come in well i think telling the truth is kind of a ruthless a ruthless act and both in specific since you do invade some provices of infection and in the larger way you are trying to uh or i am trying to as it were rub humanities face in the facts of our existence that there is much that is noble in desperate about being a human being and my fiction uh is in part motivated by pointing appointing these things out so i guess there's something ruthless in cruella even even to generate suspense is a bit of a tease isn't it so there's a kind of sadistic element in the writers attempt to keep the readers interest at the end of your chapter about your skin it's pretty well clear not because of uh some experimental treatments you were getting on didn't have any problems after writing about this i know a lot of people believe that psoriasis has a component of uh uh.

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