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Sixty calls tonight. People wide awake. Back to the call. Eleni in Farmingdale, Lenny what's going on. Lenny. Lenny is not there. So we move on. James and lynbrook danger on the fan. Oh, hey, Tony. Hey, I I have to say you've kept me entertained for. Many I'ts over the years. I appreciate your show. Thanks very much. Yeah. And plus since you're one of the only host to talk about you know, boxing and fighting and stuff like that. I'm just curious. You know, how much has the UFC and mixed martial arts. How much has it taken out of boxing in general, you feel like there's it's taking a hit. Oh, yeah. I mean, I'm not look, I'm not a big. MMA guy or guy, but I noticed. It's it's there because boxing keeps shooting itself in the foot. You know, the one thing about I like about the UFC is Dan, Dan, white runs it. And that's it is like it's not there's two heavyweight champion. She just have guys fighting for the title in boxing. There's so many different organizations in so many different variations of champion champion is a super champion champion of the champion in recess and like a regular ambulance. What the hell people don't you? Don't even you can't name five champions. If I gave you fifty five James in any any way, carry you'll say, okay, Mike Tyson? I said Heuer it'll sell sell tell you guys were retired boxing. Yeah. Yeah. You're asking me name the five champion any five champions in boxing. I can't even name the five champions in WWF, you know owned. So that's my other thing is, you know, like, Ronda Rousey heard going to the WWE like what what is do you have any insight onto like how much she making as opposed to if she was doing her anime stuff. I don't know how much he's making. But it's you know, what it is a lot of guys a lot of people wanna get into movies and entertainment, see left a UFC. Which is you know, it's a blood sport to choreography, which is WWE. Yeah. You're doing it. Doing it like, you know, three or four times a week. I'm just curious about you know, in terms of boxing MMA like says, he's making me what happened million and a half. Yeah. Yeah. Like, how many people like go into you know, and I may but then just like settle onto boxing Yana any insight to that. You know, it's it's a really obscure thing about, you know, be the heck out of each other. But I, you know, it just curious 'cause I your host or person I could ask I appreciate it. It's it's an interesting. And like. You know, you're going to give you pay per view fight every once in a while and. I think they and WWE ever same thing where you could buy their package. And you wind up getting the big fights and the big pay per view matches boxing. You know, now it's with the streaming is going on with his own ESPN. Plus. Somebody said interesting point the other day, they watch the fights last week on FOX Charles brothers. And he said, you know, it was so different different. It was nice. It was on TV. But he said I didn't like the commercials. You know, I wanna hear what the what the trainer says I want to hear the interaction because when I do international vice where we have no commercials. So you know, will will listen to the chart trainers? And then we'll go to the replays in that one minute break, so produce will tell me like we got coming up in a nice action. So what do you watch? Listen to the guys in one corner. I go to the other corner. Then here comes the. Highlights the replays. You can't do that on on. What is on free TV? 'cause you know, you gotta get the commercial in and even if you sell like a thirty second spot. So you have thirty seconds. It's not might not be a bad idea. You just can't get all the both corners and replace. So they'll probably just go to to the replace unless the corner says something outrageous, let's go to Joseph in Manhattan. Joseph you're on the fan. Hi, Tony happy new year. Thank you. Same to you and yours. I've been listening to your show for quite awhile. Haven't talked to in a while. But could show tonight. A lot of good calls. I agree. It's like you said about LeBron versus Jordan. I'm a couple of callers ago, pretty much what you said, I think right now keep the edge to Jordan. But a few years could be LeBron also abroad you really never had a great supporting cast anyway. But that's not why I'm calling what I don't understand is, you know, and I was never a huge fan of his. But why isn't Jabbar mentioned the conversation? I mean, you're talking about leading score of all time in the NBA high time champion NBA champion. I think he was the MVP of the champ of the of the finals, I'm pretty sure he was empty of the of the regular sometime. Three time NCWA champion, probably the bluest blue chip ever in highschool, right? And then social activism. I mean, isn't that that he's not considered conversation because you know. You think you've put Kareem in the same category? Wilt in the sense that they were unstoppable. No, totally was too strong is strong. And and you know, very few people could stop his skyhook. No one could shop. I mean think about those guys today. I I don't think I I think I think honestly, I think that might even be better today than it was back then because I can't see anybody really guarding them today. Can you light Howard? I don't think so. No. And it's funny. You know? Toward the end of wills career. You know, you just saw this guy to just you know, would go on a low block and turn around and jump shot. But we first game. You could run the fourth wall like a guard. Oh, he was tremendous. He he was in college. He was a hijab Reid jumped seven feet. I mean, this is some foot to guy with practically an eight foot wingspan who could jump seven feet and then got into volleyball later in his life. He did he was a coach and a player for the conquistadors. And then he's also pro. Yeah. He was a pro volleyball par he was in the pro volleyball circuit, I guess for quite a while. I remember there was a picture of him coach in San Diego. He was on the bench with long pants on flip flops. Yes. Now. But he was w was tremendous. But Jabbar, what do you think he's not? That flashy. You know, I, you know, the skyhook was just everybody. Everybody wants to learn the skyhook. But I think they give up on it because they didn't have his touch people. Forget about that. He was just a great know he was just his player. And again, the five championships the leading score of all time the NBA, but they don't even talk about God. That's a good point. All right, man. All right. Have a good one happy new year again. Thanks to you. They always will Jordan and the LeBron these days and he's right. Kareem. Remember spoke to him a couple of times, he's very, you know, subdued in a like, the smartest guy in the room. If you will. The first time I ever saw him. Father took me to the singer bowl in flushing for something. I don't even remember what it was. Must have been a concert. I can't remember who or what? But this tall guy walked into the outdoor arena and people were nuts. And they mobbed them saw this tall figure with all these people. I came up to his chest. And it was it was Lou Alison there at the time because he was he was going to UCLA that that that four casino. He's finished up at power memorial. Let's go to Michael in the Bronx, Michael you're on the fan. Tony. Hey, man. What's going on? Not too much. So just, you know, great call is going on right now wanted to go back to the Yankees. Got climbing Mussina, Pat it. Got a name the name of Randy Johnson. Signed Jose contrasts in two thousand three you know, the reason we're not not to mention Masahiro Tanaka. Thousand not where we we're we're not winning championships because. It depends on a balanced hitting. New york. The sell off. Pitching. We got burned so many times Kevin Brown. All these people so much Bronx not focused on pitching. This money gets a big backs in that. That's what's going to sell tickets in New York. Yeah. But does that win championships? Not at all. We're not being shipped team. I'm sorry to say we're lucky we even want in two thousand nine Abraham had a good post-season because growing up as a Yankee fan. You know, coming from the early nineties, Don Mattingly days, and then you know, those championships that we had that run like after that after two thousand we don't we don't disturb anything. And Yankee fan should recognize that we do not deserve anything. We have not earned anything. We're not giving you gotta earn it. And then you know, they they they want one hundred games. And for a lot of teams a lot of cities. That's wonderful. But the goal for the Yankees, not one hundred games and it's to win the World Series. And they don't the team's not consciously constituted to get that far. Of course, of course, when we went two hundred games Boston's gonna win a hundred plus when we get one hundred games Boston went two hundred and you know, our best chance at the World Series was thousand seventeen and the AL off the aspirin. We should have overtaken them that would have been on hand because going know National League, we we could've got that. Just one last point Tony, you know, like that. A lotta Yankee fans they came from New York Giants Brooklyn Dodgers and those teams are based off pitching and those are based off like good line-ups. And now it's just at the point where it's like we cannot build those team. So the expectations for the Yankees just want to make money at any call nights on. I think money is every every team wants to make money and you make money by winning because the more you win the more people show up in spend money. The yankees. I may look with they're not done yet. I, you know. Get machado. Yup. Could they get or Harper? Yep. I think so I'm not I'm not ruling them out on the Harvard deal yet, even though he thinks he's going to to the. The dodgers. But again, do you have a pitching staff that can shut down the other team in the postseason for various levels. Do you have? A team that can put the ball in play. When you're not hitting home runs. You know, it's got to be some kind of combination. Look if the Yankees are hitting home runs in the postseason. They got a good chance anybody to win. But at some point you don't hit home runs, and you have to manufacture runs. And that's that's the best part of the game. That people are are delinquent. You have to have. I say don't use every tool in the toolbox. Let's go to Lillian Hoboken, Louis. You understand? How you going back tonight doing well? How you doing? All right. My question about the grading follow Rica boxer you ever. Woo. Oh, good. Lord. That's a whole man Benitez comes to mind. Fred refrain Gomez. I. I say Tito, I still go. Tito, Trinidad right now Kodo right behind them. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Goldman. But you know, I feel like Goldman I met good night. All right man now. But he says that was he was he could really. It's the same because he had. Health issues because you know, take into many punches, but he was one of the guys that never got hit. I mean, he was he was when he call himself the bible of boxing. That's one of the strangest. Monikers I've ever heard of. But he was a hell of a defense of fighter. So how'd you get so? We've happened. But that's the sport. You listen to. I did I did an interview with Thomas earners with the fan. We were around Vegas and Hearns came in and sat down, and I was looking at him. And like this. This is not airy. It was you couldn't understand them. And I had a lot of interviews in the can. And you know, I feel my respect and did the invention stopping to interview. And then when it was done I said without running just dump it. It's it's it's it's bad. And he wasn't even I don't think he was forty and I interviewed Archie Moore. The great light heavyweight champion years ago when.

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