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Good with kathleen kennedy and you take her suggestions and you to get along that's great but kathleen kennedy told the directors of han solo no you go do this and they said no we won't go do that and so they were fired and kathleen kennedy and colin trevorrow had a bit of a row themselves with personality conflicts and from what i hear colin trevorrow is difficult to work with and kathleen kennedy was like no you're not gonna do this to me you're out you don't bleep with kathleen kennedy not demented and colin trevorrow may one of the worst films a two thousand seventeen book of henry yeesh so ryan johnson he was told that he could develop his own story he was brought along as a producer working alongside kathleen kennedy everything has to be vetted by the entire story group that's going to figure out how while the comics and the novels and the movies are all going to interplay together and what those stories want to tell all our but yeah i think that he had ideas the he brought to this i mean they go just pick and is like a lottery winner the interview directors and directors give their ideas about what they want to see and a movie and i think what ryan johnson said excited kathleen kennedy and that's why we got the movie yeah i would say that if you feel like there are controversial choices here these are things that disney feels they want to follow one not just ryan okay there's some weird alien porn we'll talk about that i'm shocked to them at disney villa but reportedly ryan is going to do a new trilogy after this reboot trilogy your new trilogies gonna do the next one so they must like his ideas that is certainly a vote of confidence for johnson the gave me good feelings coming into this if they like what he did hear so much that he's doing the next trilogy that's great that said i really wished they'd kept him on for nine instead of bringing back jha fultz we'll talk about that in two years i guess yeah well all see if i like that idea by the end of this film so i buy the plot.

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