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Penelope cruz turns up as an intense spanish missionary judi dench is off scowling imperiousness as the russian princess dragomir off though the superb olivia coleman is disappointingly given less to do as heard ladies made the male passengers included german accented willem dafoe as an eccentric professor and leslie odem junior as dr arbuthnot who may have a personal connection to one of the other passengers most unpleasantly there is ratchet a man with many enemies played by johnny depp with a scarred face and a voice of gravel before long ratchet will be found stabbed to death in his compartment shortly after the train get stuck in a snowdrift stranding the passengers and making it clear that the killer could not have escaped and so at the insistence of the train lines excitable director played by tom bateman poro takes up the investigation interrogating the other passengers and gradually untangling a web of hidden identities and uncanny coincidences the sense of mounting suspicion and paranoia to some extent works against the actors who never fully shell as an ensemble but individually they rip into their roles with gusto josh gad is especially good as ratchets shifty secretary an early suspect who's attempt to escape triggers an ill advised action seen bronner wellversed in the challenges of opening up shakespeare for the screen tries to punch up the material with pulpy action movie beats the early scenes of the train barreling down treacherous mountain paths play like out takes from the ice age thriller snow peer sir.

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