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I was young. I was eager to be on the boss loan team. Show that jersey tabet jets. Lebanon the novice Great story in terms of taking that chance in any bidding yourself And doing that sort of thing eventually. You you find your way back into the league by going back to the pistons to slow about maybe just was going back to the league and then obviously eventually. We'll go over to the clippers with a young the andre jordan and and that the situation much different than the strip. Yeah yeah no it was great to have detroit pistons understand that i was going back for another year. It was a amazing Came home deferred very first week ahead at workout with the detroit pistons at the end of the summer league playing with them in watts know planned december leaks in up there with jody morris. Ma'am what you back. We saw what you can do and we're excited by having back position for so. I was really thrilled from that. Standpoint i was ready are really was i was ready. I was the first year. I wasn't ready. I'll be honest with you. It was just a more of a factor. We actually being there but known as jersey every day but Just plan against you. Know the league players in euroleague that could potentially in the nba from the european standpoint of players in the nba standpoint of americans. You know every single night. I thought that i was ready. I was ready to contribute to eighteen. Unfortunately when i came back they aree draft tube sensational guards. Aaron a follow in rodney. Study at indiana. So i'm sorry as out of wash in and follow out. Ucla so being affected lindsay hundred was wasn't there at the time carlos arroyo carlos faneuil left those two first rounders. You know actually took up a lot of slack. Guys day will bind them to heal so we had a lotta guard play that we have compete for spots in potential so it was awful embattled actually see myself again in the same situation knowing that i was actually prove myself all the way up into libya couples are salon that i can ask repeat any level as for as as motivation income the practice every day in detroit in actually going at it with these guys get a lot of minutes man. I was really like devastated to the point. Where like. I really want to play so That was the most important thing leading organization know that i was ready to play. And if there was any time for me let me know so they actually put me down to the g. League again averaged. Twenty points like seven rebounds as you know it was almost like a not a joke but it was more like a moment like i did this already. You know so. I'm ready to play. It was awesome village. Noted joe dumars took me serious and he trained me back home crazy story up at all all star break and i was ready to come back to detroit. Tax trained the second. Half of the season i get a call from dumars on the phone in the car. Going on the plane about the going plane elliott. Seems like where you at in. I was like Come back to the detroit. A little bit early to work out. He said i don't go nowhere. We traded you to l. a. You're going to be taking a plane trip to meet the team in phoenix for the first gay so i was kind of disappointed. I was pissed but at the same time he actually explained to me. That was business and it was more than anything. No hard feelings at all. He wanted to see me play. He saw that. I was unhappy and there was nothing he can do from. That standpoint is being gm you know..

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