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If the boiler makers are able to negate some of what we said on the podcast here and upset the wolverines that we don't think that's going to happen. But I'm not putting out of the realm of possibility Nevada, you mentioned just intriguing there and the organ, Houston, I think Houston's going to win that game. And if Houston wins that game and then Aaron wins at uconn. We might have just a situation where we look like. Oh, okay. I guess Arizona's the best team in the Pac twelve again, even though they were picked fourth in the preseason. And almost no one thought that team would be the best in that league better. Not let Bobby Hurley you say that that's also fair Zona state's been plenty good. I'm not I'm not going to completely dismiss the sun devils at this point. They do have a claim to that. And they are certainly in the mix. Keep an eye on Gonzaga. At creighton. Creighton is a top thirty team. I've got him in the top twenty five and one is Gonzaga's first true road game and Omaha is an amazing basketball. Like for people who've never been to Creighton game at Creighton. Like, it is it is excellent. And I imagine when you got the top ranked Gonzaga BULLDOGS coming in. It'll be jam packed. I don't know what the capacity is seventeen eighteen nineteen, but it's big. And it'll it'll be it'll be field. And so Kim palm projects that as just to Gonzaga eighty three eighty win. So the point spread on that probably going to be around three or four. We're not talking about. You know, EAS easy weekend for zag. Even if Creighton right now, I don't believe is is ranked in the in the people. So to me, that's the one that is most interesting zagged Creighton because we're watching the team the only team to beat the team ranked number one right now in a in a real tough situation in Omaha Creighton team that seems to be better than than what most people don't want. It would be in the preseason and forgives aga-. I mean, I love the way Mark few schedules. When he knows he's going to have a great team. Really anyway. But when he knows he's going to have a great team like why not just feel up your nonleague schedule with monster after monster? Because once they get to January and they're playing games. It's just going to be. They won't even be contested very often. So there at Creighton this weekend, then you get home game against Washington on Wednesday. Then you get Tennessee on a neutral next Sunday and in the following Saturday. It's at North Carolina. So Mark few undeniably put together a schedule. It's going to give Gonzaga chance to get a number one seed in the incident tournament, regardless of how easy they might have it in the WCC. Of course, you got to go win the games. But so far so good seven. Oh with that win over Duke. And also a neutral court win over era Zona shots to Devon down to Chester South Carolina, Terry MFN Teagle he's alleged. Just remember, please, go subscribe to the college basketball podcast via apple podcast, those you who have already done it. Thank you. Sincerely. It means a lot. If you haven't done it yet. Shame on you. Please go do that. It takes a second for crying out loud. It's got a button there. It says subscribe to push the stupid button that says it's it's easy. So do that rated favourably five stars. Nice comments. We'll talk to you get on Sunday night 'til then take care..

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