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Special election in the district mr trump carried by 20 points keep the agenda the make america great going you gotta gettleman sookeun state legislator is trying to hold onto the conservative district if president trump's senior corner how can you lose really with the press moon township pennsylvania officer and pomona california lost his life during a standoff the lasted for more than fifteen hours police chief michel oliveria identify the officer who was killed as gregory casillas greg is a hero amanda be looked up to left his family at home to protect yours it is also mid sacrifice will never be forgotten police arrested a man suspected of killing the officer and wounding another during an incident that began friday night of course on a rich johnson reports president trump hits the road next month for his first venture into latin america the president will visit peru and colombia next month the trip centred on the summit of the americas april thirteen th and fourteen th in lima the meetings could put the us president in the room with at least two men who are not big fans summit leaders have disinvited venezuelan president nicolas maduro over his trampling of a democracy but he says he's going anyway and mexico's enrica opinion yet we'll be there he recently cancelled a planned trip to the us over a phone conversation with president trump of devolved into an argument over the proposed border wall i'm barbara kusak we should news light kit talk radio seven ninety kabc news live and local at two on james stanley should mentioned about the police officer and pomona who was killed friday night's there was a vigil the took place tonight at the pomona police headquarters for the officer who.

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