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Do they they know how to use? They know how to use the laws in their favor to and that's why there's a statue of bassinet at the courthouse. And it's in Ohio because they're saying if you have the ten commandments there, then you have to make room for all religious or go headed deity. Yeah. Yeah. Larry. Heavy metal goat headed deity with children worshiping right there. It is interesting to me that a lot of the Christians espousing religious freedoms in America are playing the victim card of persecution against our faith. Whatever don't think about the golden rule about the do and others as you'd have them doing to you. And like, how would you feel if you were walking into target during Ramadan? And there's Robin on displays everywhere, or, you know, Jewish holidays or whatever like like, you want your Christian holidays to be promoted as you know, just under the religious freedom thing. But you don't want that for the other religions and that to me is problematic. Yeah. Like and for the Satan's point know, it's like clear string. It be great. If more students had more exposure to the ideas, and literature and cultures of different religions, and I think that would be a great thing to start incorporating into public school system to to broaden their world. I think it'd be. Awesome right now that is not we can't kid ourselves. And to saying that that's something that's actually happening. There's because there's a massive amount of money and resources that are pooled into making sure they're exposed to the world view that both us on this podcast happened to halt. And that's a an I think that's fine. As long as you're is at the that, the that the earth was created sit here's ago, and that dinosaurs read if you had the right? I don't believe it enough to give it a pass. Sure sure why not category. Surly folder and his browser is very robust. Well, I I want to give it quick update on last week slice. If you'll recall the factory is doing a giveaway where people can come toward it's going to be just like Willie Wonka. And the update is that contest is still going on. So I hope you guys continue to enter as I also continue to enter and I really look forward to one of us winning. Okay. Because only four people will bother to enter. So you have very good shot. Any? That don't get my that. Don't don't get me. That's That's so so really. really in an industrial quarter of Pennsylvania. Space. Lehem Pennsylvania, just like the outside of the chocolate factory willy Wonka. Okay. Listen there is this mountain town in Italy called San Buca. And it's beautiful, and it overlooks the Mediterranean. It's lovely. It's like Buca cheese like something from same Buca. It's a spice or something. Something is there's a restaurant here called say Buca national. I don't know. I don't know what else about public like. Spices. I don't know. I don't know if there's a of spice, but it's kind of between like Florence in it like if you leave Florence and you go north west it's that way, and they are currently selling houses like the town are selling houses in San Buca for one dollar..

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