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Know that amazing things happen at the end of that minnesota game when the vikings looked down and out with just a few seconds left in a miracle throw at a miracle missed tackle in a miracle sixty one yard touchdown run at least landed the vikings into their last playoff game this weekend melvin tenant is a president and ceo of the convention and visitors association noticed meet minneapolis in minneapolis minnesota where the super bowl will be held in early february melvin you must have been watching that game thinking oh no it's going to be a dreary week if we're going to lose this game there's only a few seconds left nothing this can happen already good to talk to you and i watched it till the end i have some friends from coworkers who gave up a few seconds to soon but actually watched it and that full range of emotions was in play and just delighted to see that the vikings are going on to play the eagles this weekend right and and and as i said you your whole job is to bring folks to field did minneapolis st paul in our minneapolis make it feel good this must have been a great win for you as well what is going this is a very big deal obviously any city that hosts the super bowl whether the vikings make it in the super bowl or not it's going to be a big deal how big have you been playing this for years well it began even before we got the bed rudi week we got the beer got the nod that we were going to host it back in 2014 but our office had been working with the vikings for several years prior to that so it's ain't seconds on what goes on in super bowl weekend in minneapolis well first of all i want to focus rudy on those things that everybody can enjoy people that don't even have tickets the first thing is super bowl live which is a festival that's gonna take place along nicorette which is our main street and it will be axed it's actually close now between six than twelve th streets and it's being transformed into super bowl alive sort of highlighted by the big burqa binary international bridge that is being.

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