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To blow the whistle he takes your shot clock runs out games over i'm just telling you that i listened to at least half a dozen nba players this morning every single one said the most disrespectful thing you can do on the court you let the ball bounce the shot clock runs out cavs thrown in the game's over they said it is the ultimate sign of disrespect those are current nba players or former players that are now in every one of them said disrespectful you don't do it that's worth things that's wrong with sports is that these guys are so soft mentally that that bothers last two seconds of the game shaun livingston is the most the most you got the most humility of any player understated he doesn't show anybody he plays the game respectfully he's a leader on the court and he's taking a shot to just get the game over with is the whistle blows they gotta go get the ball out of bounds for two seconds again i understand where you're coming from but i'm telling you guys that play the game every one of them said we are taught you do not take that shot you just don't brian thanks ben have a good weekend appreciate listen to show recap if that's four sportsmanship taking that shot what's the deal with lebron chasing down curry for that layup block it to then talk trash when you're already downtown you're going to lose the game what's the point of that the game was over stand there on defense don't go and try and hurt someone don't try and run and do this play like who cares yeah that's just as thirty they didn't try to hurt him.

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