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Nothing. Hours later got traded INEX- switch. Highly wasn't the ideal spot but. I, the? It worked out in his case where he stepped in when eight nine had to miss some time. And had best statistically the best year of his career. So. Hopefully. He just he guest spot where he's in a good situation and there's Yeah enough highlights that I can keep posting. Yeah definitely I think know one of the questions I want to ask you to is like you were I mean, obviously I I would surmise definitely a fan of Aron Baynes hard not to be considering you know all the stuff you do with your account but mean, it feels like, did you kind of started off just more as like a? you know neither you saw some real comedic value because Baynes. One of the most picturesque people in terms of like you can find some high comedy in some stuff he's doing on the bench and just like sheer enthusiasm and stuff and. So I wonder like the Kinda start like that or did you just kind of morph into that? Now, you know I mean. I mean, he obviously had the reputation of with. Getting gone But if you watch him play I mean the only reason why he's getting it on the other end of this highlights because he contests every shot. Bassett. he also played at least in Boston the perfect amount of time where I didn't have to watch every minute of the game. So he played like twelve to fifteen minutes and scored. Eight points grabbed five rebounds. Easy that clip and then kind of do the. League report ask highlight reel of it. So yeah, it is really just kind of. A way. Way For me to. Enjoy watching that sell the last year and Kinda just entertain myself. Enough, we needed it with how that team was going. Yeah I'll you know honesty? Oh, man the amount of Marcus Morris sixteen voters that move subjected to live up I think gave out like teammate or not. He may player grades like after that season and I'm pretty sure the only player who got like. Was Aaron Baynes he was like the only player that actually impressed and outdated expectations I remember to he I don't remember the numbers exactly the Celtics something like. Eighteen in three when he played overlooks seventeen minutes a game or And there were like. Yeah if You didn't Erin veins research you could. Find ways to really make him the most impactful player in the league. And Yeah. That's. What we try to do here at the advantage club. Absolutely I'm pretty sure what is what is the finals record he has Only. In history to shoot at least a two field goals in two free.

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