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Colonels and I'm sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I level of guard this Thomas Jefferson's Vegetables Dr. I'd like to have the chicken waste very well. Done editing is all all about timing. I tried to get a little bit away from the actual subject. Let's get sick and may sixty with good Anderson. Hey everybody I'm hurry Kabalu filling in this week for Kurt Anderson so I'm a stand up comedian and my favorite special from last year was by far Hannah Gadsby net on net flicks wchs the pride flag a love what it means that is perfect pride wonderful but the flag itself busy. The net starts out a very conventional stand up special. There's just lots of great jokes. It's just six very shatti. Assertive callous stacked on the top of each other no risk for the afternoon in that way even in the face on to express my entity through the metaphor of a map and then over the course of the hour gets a lot more confrontational. It gets more serious as lots of twists and turns. It gets gut wrenching. 'cause she's talking about serious stuff. She's talking about Trauma Violence Homophobia and the nature of comedy itself. Do you understand what self-deprecation means when it comes from somebody who already exists in the margins. It's not humility. It's humiliation. I put myself down in order to speak in order to seek permission to speak and I simply will not do that anymore. Not to myself or anybody who identifies phone net was incredibly funny and poignant and smart it deconstructed the form it was able to challenge people's notion of what stand up is supposed to be her new show. Douglas is just as good the big difference is that there are a ton more jokes and it's also powerful because she's talking about her diagnosis with autism before last summer very few people in the US had ever heard of Hannah Gatsby but she didn't come out of nowhere. Well she kind of comes out of nowhere. I mean she's from Tasmania but she was well known in comedy circles in the UK and Australia before she even wrote in it should be performing hour long shows over a decade and festivals. Melbourne an Edinburgh will every year. I'd run a new show so my first show was my coming out story which is kiss me quick. I'm full of tubes which is candy in Australia. My whole mines played a cruel joke on me. I said let's make this one in the ultimate baby carrying this do and then give absolutely no desire to Mike want. I'm like transform that doesn't fancy driving and then the next show was called the cliff young shuffle which is a long form pace about walking. I walked across England coming off antidepressant Jason Homeland God podiatrist. He openly laughed at my feet as well. I'm glad you went into daughtry. Not Not GonNa College could never written an without those ten years of the shows before and you know with a with a sort of the building blocks that led to that. What was your life like before net so quiet. Were you in Tasmania Nia. I lived in Melbourne now living in little rental. I didn't believe I'd ever be able to afford a homes my own so I decided sided about a year before I wrote a net. I really wanted to garden. I'm just GONNA plant out this rental and so the phone really it was dogs in gardening gardening and t and a lot of alone time. I spent a lot of time alone. I think I was exhausted. I'd been diagnosed with autism so is adjusting back to that new sort of framework of understanding myself I of course diagnosis doesn't come with a change if you just haven't that happened before and that was released. Oh Yeah Oh before it was written. I mean it was pretty much. The show I could write once I understood what was setting me apart because I was always very confused infused. I was like I just don't like there. Was something really deeply wrong with me so I was always to scrambling to get to the starting line of normal and then once I was diagnosed ignores them like a one never can get you know there's this brain situation so I began to look at myself with a lot more empathy not because all my work prior to that was going. I'm sorting out what's wrong with me. Whereas then I'm like. Oh I know what's wrong with me. I know my limits but then I turned and my critical eye on to the world and I'm gone I can also see you'll limits and there is too much hysteria around gender from Uganda normals. You'll the weed. You're a bit hysterical that you're we'd your bid up. You need to get a agenda. Almost Hall Seriously Calmed Down Gender normals get a grip now. I'm in an address. We know it's not do you know what's weird. PINKETT bans on bold babies but then it's also interesting to me that's weird breadth of demographic that really loved in it and that's I think really kind of great to know that like when you think of all the things that I took off as an individual's being in the margins platforming wind which is in the center of Privilege Right Right which is I think what let me get away with it like if I was testing where not traditionally good-looking overweight eight indigenous woman and it wouldn't have happened. Men Net really touched people. I don't think I realize the extent of it. At first. I mean all all my friends were talking about Nana's popping up on facebook constantly but it was only when I saw you on stage presenting at the Emmys when I realized how huge you'd become denies just what jokes especially men arrive fell. That's why I'm presenting alone. This is the point where I can't because I literally gone come from nowhere. In this circle well like it's in the Hollywood situation but all of a sudden. I'm an alien that weld for people know who I am and it's we'd like people I I I've seen on TV only associate as like I went to this party for net flicks and they were people that you moving around just kind of caution as Jodie default day. I'm John stomas get I and then they coming up to me so I'm getting and they seen in it and they want to talk to me and that is he's a really trippy experience like John Stamos. I mean Jessica Fan of Ninette you would not. That's what I mean. John Stamos has seen in twenty cents what he told me but you know people lie. I I WANNA believe on congestion after events. Can we trust the Lao so that's sort of this weird because I'm used to being in a crowd. I can be invisible bowl and I just walked the world guideline. I'm very happy with that then. These people are coming up to me on my own that today which is also good because they they get to lead the conversation and then I'm like I say I am also a fan of your work robot and then so I mean.

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