Michael Cohen, President Trump, Congressman Steve Lynch discussed on Nightside with Dan Rea


Coast Cape Ann islands for tomorrow. The president's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen now says he will not testify next month before congress. Here's ABC's Cecilia Vega. Michael Cohen, abruptly pulling the plug on his much anticipated testimony to congress Cohen's lawyers, citing ongoing threats against his family from President Trump and Mr. Giuliani, adding this is a time where Mr. Cohen had to put his family and their safety. I the president today denied making any threats. He's been threatened by the truth. He's only been threatened by the truth. But he has called for Cohen's father in law to be investigated. Even though he is not currently accused of any crime. Congressman Steve Lynch, a member of the house oversight committee tells WBZ Cohen needs to testify not testifying is not an option. So he can do it voluntarily or you can do it by subpoena. But but we need to have his testimony. Lynch ending the house was tried to reassure Cohen. They'll guarantee his safety during his testimony Republicans are blasting house speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to block the president from delivering his state of the union message next week to a joint session of congress because of the ongoing government shutdown. Here's CBS's Nancy Cortes, a lot of Democrats who didn't think Nancy Pelosi was going to go to the mat over the state of the union. They assumed that she was trying to make a point here that it would be better to postpone the state of the union, if the if the government is shut down, but when push came to shove, if the president insisted that he wanted to give it that she would say, okay, you know, that's that's your choice. The president is working on alternatives for the speech. This was day thirty three of the shutdown. He's ordered to. Undergo a mental health evaluation. Victor Panya appearing in court accused in the kidnapping of Libya Ambrose who was found alive and his Charlestown apartment yesterday. WBZ TV's Beth Germano from the courthouse. Thirty eight year old Victor paint.

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