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Zero two nine one on his right shin that's zip code for venice where his mom may live people whose homes burned in anaheim hills are trying to figure out what to do now at a high has opened at assistance that are for homeowners mayor tom tate says the red tape is cut going to make sure it's a real easy quick fast process to get your permits homeowners have been able to sit down with insurance companies and city agencies we didn't even know who needed to talk to and we got a lot of useful information rick lopes with a contractor state license board also has a warning there's a good chance at unlicensed rent scrupulous contractors may try to take advantage of the situation in anaheim edge while in back kfi news more than nine thousand firefighters are battling wildfires in northern california hellfire chief khem pimlot says crews are making significant progress we've increased containment on most of our major fires by some degree but strong winds this weekend could change that investigators are also scrambling to find a 'cause it's very technical crews information all these things can be consumed in a fire at these experts have to go through into a lot of work for insecurity to get there the fire that killed at least thirty one people since sunday and hundreds are still missing but loved ones may find them soon since a majority of cell towers are now back on line monica rex kfi news president trump says he is not going to recertify iran is complying with the 2015 deal that eased sanctions in exchange for a promise to chila bid on its nuclear program as i have said many times the iran deal was one of the worst and most onesided transactions the united states has ever entered into trump says he runs dangerous aggression his words has only got worse since the deal was put in place he says he ron continues to be the world's leading sponsor of terrorism and may even be talking with north korea about nuclear issues that so that is why trump is decided to put more sanctions on iran and set up a strategy in pockets through bouts however they're getting into the long beach area north outside of.

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