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The tommy joseph came up with the giants as a catcher and started to have all the concussion problems and at that basically ended his catching career ended the threatened and his major league career there was a time the phillies did not feed ever recover from those concussions here's a fastball in there for a strike to noon yes it's a great story that the the former giants minorleaguer has has been able to play again had has made his way up to the major leagues but he's not a very good defensive first basement he just as and that was evidence of it though one one nunez fouls one back out of play a high fastball strike too third home run before nudie as was i i bought pitched down an end rate kind of into the wheelhouse that put the giants add one nothing it's out four one phillies more the rudder at third span at first many as rome run was the only giants hit intel matt more single alexan holding now the one two is grounded foul by more at third right by phil neville as well yup rented belt ondeck and then buster posey's plo nunez we've been hot then the big boys in the middle of the order the two real power threats right now for the giants mm many as his batting average for years is backup to to ninety one he has been hot another one do is poked foul at changeup down away muna's did well to get the battle the ball a hose a good pitch from alex in an it full dunia as but sometimes part of hitting is to spoil those tough pitches and then get something a little better to hit find a mistake the thirteen for his last thirty four out kickoff throw to first ban dis back to the bag safely he is also among the leading hitters in the national league in terms of batting average with runners in scoring position he's got a runner in scoring position uri's eighty three ninety one on the year in these candidate bats the one two nunez polls and other one vow fastball in he has been behind that account this whole time but he battling with jeremy alex that was the sixth the pitch this read the seventh picture the back coming up.

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