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Well now. Is your chance to win your ten dollars gas talk word Mobile M B. I L you all remember what to do. Whenever anyone says the word entries must be part of the facebook page facebook keyword profit radio whenever anyone says he grew words scrape type in word of the day Jerry I got it plus the word of the day like today Seger Word Hulu like mobile radio. We'll send you a streaming. Everybody your address. Your already kwan was welcome back. You're listening to live right here on proper radio. Give us a call at the station. Four seven four four eight eight eight zero zero s you follow us on all our social networks and the way you do that is to go to profit radio. P. R. R. O. P. H. E. T. RADIO DOT COM and makes you support the show become a member of the show and we do that as go to the members only section click on that that and join us and have fun. I guess I don't know better so I WANNA. Bring this up to you. We'll get into the Google thing here in just one second. I got another letter. I've got so many letters. I've got a bunch of letters in the mail and normally I don't open the mail. I don't open the mail for the last couple of days. My wife is like you know. Make sure you're looking for this. Make sure you're looking for this. We're looking for this kind of form document or whatever that she's looking for and I'm like Oh. No NOPE NOPE nope nope but I did see a lot of a new interesting mail on August. Oh let's let's open this up and right here it says to the parents of Marian Malieveld Melas name and if you don't know it already then you don't know you and your student Marian have been offered the opportunity to participate in the educational group Presentation Nation of followed by personal interview to help determine college.

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