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And India are on the brink of war. Joining us on the KOMO news line is military analysts. Barry, McCaffrey, sir. How could things escalate in what is going on? Well, this is one of the more dangerous parts of the world imaginable to gigantic nations. They have. Chest over each other as the primary national security threat since independence. It's you certainly had a kind of competition not just driven by political aspirations or geographic. Territories also religious in nature. It's resulted in three very significant dangerous wars being fought Norwegian only now there are nuclear weapons states involved. So I think it is a very dangerous situation. Look at the end of the day. I spent a lot of time going in and out of this region. Over the years at the end of the day, the Pakistani and the Indians are both armed with conventional forces that routinely are engaged in combat each other. If it came to all out war, the Indians could invade and defeat Pakistan in ninety days at which point I am confident. The Pakistanis will use nukes both sides probably have one hundred fifty nuclear weapons or more. And so the. Potential for tremendous escalation and loss of life is ever present there. But I think the two has a state or worried about their own political base. So there's a danger of getting out of control. But the notion of Armageddon ought to be so frightening to both political stablishment and the senior military leadership. It's hard to imagine them going there for the people who might be rolling their eyes here and saying what do I care that's a world away? Explain in your opinion. Why this matter? Arguably India's the largest democracy in the face of the earth. It's a counterpoint many ways to China with whom we have enormous strategic concerns. You know, great economic cooperation increasing political cooperation with China. But at the end of the day, we're in a national strategic standoff with the Chinese and the Indians are part of cheating balance in the region Pakistanis of ended up to facto is an ally of semi ally of the Chinese so all these things are linked. Yes, we do have to care nuclear war anywhere in the face of the earth would be an utter disaster for mankind. And by the way, our continued presence in Afghanistan is fundamentally affected by how we deal with the Pakistani government who provides refuge, in many cases to elements of the Taliban or the Connie network. So yeah, I think America's interests are engaged. We do have to be. Thoughtful and the prevention of conflict should be a number one goal of US foreign policy retired four-star General, Barry, McCaffrey. Thank you, sir. All right with the House Republican leader. Kevin McCarthy says he does not view North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN as a friend of the US. I support the president is effort to denuclearize them. But I do not have a misbelief that of who this leader is talking with reporters at the capitol today. Mccarthy was pressed about President Trump's comments about Kim and American Otto warmbier after their second summit in Hanoi. Mccarthy says lawmakers know what happened to warm beer who died after being held captive by North Korea. Trump said he believed him when the North Korean leader told him he was not aware of warm beers treatment ABC's, Karen Travers is in Hanoi. Where she says experts believe Kim knew exactly what was happening to warmbier. Yeah. I mean, the tight control he has over his country. I mean, did he order it? That's not what. Being alleged. But the awareness has to be there. The president absolves him of any of the responsibility for outta warmbier staff. And I think there's a frustration on Capitol Hill about that you're gonna see Democrats pushing that, and of course, you couldn't help. But think of the way that the president has accepted Putin's denials that election meddling the way that the president has accepted the crown prince of Saudi Arabia's insistence that he did not order the killing of democracy Shoghi. And so I I think when you kind of at all those things up there's a lot of concern that the president is pitching. Autocratic leaders word at something. That's a big interest to be United States. That's ABC's. Karen Travers in Hanoi. Komo news time five ten time. For sports we head over to the sports desk the Harley exterior sports desk. Tom we have the huskies coming tonight. Yeah. Number twenty five in Washington. First place in the Pac twelve they are on the verge of wrapping up the regular season title. They've already clinched a share of it, but likely to get it done against a really lousy calcium. Just to be honest with pre game coverage at seven thirty game time at eight o'clock the coach talking about his guy. So you look we're in first place, but we can still get better. We haven't had that forty minute.

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