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Two twenty three I'm Mike chilled to ninety five point five W. S. V. so we didn't we didn't have time to get to and I I wanna grab another call here very quickly but we don't have time to get to the break out of this survey which I can't wait to share with you tomorrow of over eight thousand six hundred tenure track PhD holding professors from the top sixty six elite liberal arts colleges in the United States and what the Democrat Republican conservative liberal split is an slant that is gonna be coming up tomorrow very quickly I wanna get Patricia in from Savannah Georgia hi Patricia you're on the Rush Limbaugh show okay thank you for taking my call I have an evaluation of this impeachment going on I find that there is no common sense anymore and the last party they see what they wanna see despite arguments mater the constitution of the will of the people when I was little girl already spoke about the emperor's clothes and then answer the emperor decided one day not to wear any clothes so he went to his throne and has the subject came through he would ask them how do you like my new row and each of them said it's a nice row they didn't use your common sense to see what they truly small at the throne and they didn't matter that you why should they just agreed with them so my question is how do we get common sense to be common once again especially in the last party well that's a great question and I and I think and I attempt to do this as often as possible and and we know this because it's it's based on evidence and that there there are many many Democrats that are pro second amendment that love this country there are many Democrats that love the military they support cops they are cops there are in the military they're great people there Christians those are the people we need to reach out to and connect with because the leadership of the party they've gone off the deep end understand when people on the far left attack Christianity they're attacking Democrats that are Christians to not just trimesters so that's the first to me that's one of the first places we could battle for common sense will be right back you're listening to the EIB network.

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