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Football fans from latin american nations experienced a roller coaster of emotions during the world cup but russia which went from jubilant celebrations to outright despondency after the teams started to be eliminated one by one of course the grief caused by the defeat of the latin american teams reached social media where football fans throughout the continent mourned with creative names and at times bitter comments the elimination of their teams for instance on twitter and argentine user said what a horrific thing latin america's eliminated and now we don't have any teams to root for another user said that now latin american teams were out of the world cup she had no more recent to watch sporting event and that she would completely turn off the tv after her team was eliminated even the versi leeann team star neymar set on his instagram account that it would be hard for him now to find the strength to keep playing football it was a real shock for everyone think seen teams like brazil who used to being champions and certainly in the semi finals in the final going out so early this time round in my lifetime i mean they're so synonymous with being world cup champion here was born legends made and they went out so quick and marcus mentioned name are there so now is a good time to mention the name our role as do it's not a new russian dish now but a mocking reference to that brazilian star now neymar does spend a lot of time rolling around the pitch doesn't go winning performance says he spent over fourteen minutes on his back is the world's most expensive player yeah but it didn't fool most referees as we heard it didn't really help basell either as they went out in the quarterfinals all this rolling around was getting mocked more and more on social media and there was a ton of memes when my favorite ones was neymar rolling home on a baggage carousel who lots of people are posting videos of themselves like rolling around after getting lightly poked i'll mention one more a very popular fast food restaurant in south africa put on an ad showing neymar lookalike rolling off the pitch out of the stadium through the city through the countryside so on and so on and so on you get the point an isa do you catch a counterattack marks point yes well my story comes a bit closer to home our home england with its been rush on waistcoats now some people will remember gareth southgate for being an england player but roll four to two thousand eighteen he's now infants manager and all round hero because he took them to the semi finals but what cool everyone's i is how he will await coat both on and off the pitch now normally managers don't wear wear a suit and i guess that's why he stands out flus well so this england manager elevated this team but heels elevated the fashion stakes so much so that an entire nation embrace the day england play croatia is waistcoat wednesday it became a hashtag it generated over twenty thousand mentions on twitter and hundreds of people tweeting forces in sales and kidding me all day not that it did a cynic oko suicidal went house let's not dwell on that too much longer let's say from one of our other colleagues about what they've been looking at during the world cup this time unnatural from china his carryon for bbc monitoring because china's not in the world cup it's been looking quite victor asian stars for example this korean reporter who's male go kiss by female russian people were saying how come this isn't getting attention and.

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