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Right I was wondering if you didn't know because he what he didn't have his paddles toward the end he did Kenny yeah okay all right he had yeah what did he do this he sitting there waiting to get eight at yeah Hey at eight all right I was so it made me so uncomfortable because I'm too you know yeah you and me both on you know I think I'm gonna pass out right now just thought of it I would just got six kills no lie up and down my back hearing this story because the contact looks like a seal you know the sheep no I will kayaking green lake at that will come cheap I guess maybe just you know to move through the water but they should be like rhino shaped or something what what did you do the logs yeah you might go slower but you're alive why aren't they shaped like a rhino what do you think of a predator that they might you know be afraid of all these look like their cousin you know or why are they shaped like a hippopotamus even though I'm not sure I just think they're afraid of anything they're the king that's probably right yeah his writers don't get in there to help you know well I right.

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