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In guest speakers encourage creatives Through that build relationships. So i just know that i wouldn't be where i am today. If god had put community around the people to call out the gifting biden even know to to give feedback to encourage and even help with the artistry of it So it's something. I'm really really passionate about. Yeah and i. I love that. I'll have to check out. What what you and mandy are doing sounds like a. It's just so helpful. I know we're we're building a community of creatives through this podcast in through theophanous media And it's been really fun to see people already come in and ask questions and engage with the other. The other people that are jumping into the community. It's it's so good. We're so good for each other and And i love what you said about being a listening ear Yeah i think if more of us had a listening ear someone to encourage forward in our giftedness. I don't i think there'd be a lot more beautiful art in the world if we if we had people to cheer us on so yeah good for you. Okay let's shift again. Let's shift into our educate section. You've mentioned university young like learning how to write chord charts and get your john. You know your folksy style into a barge while bar I hear you there. It's kinda hard to almost like when when i create anything instrumental And i and i get ready to play with another group trying to put it down on sheet music always so painful. Because i'm like oh. This doesn't really make much sense right here. So it's it's the kind of funny but how you know. I know you've had some major pivots in your life. And so what did you not know. When he first got started in songwriting. even back. you know prince edward island jumping into the studio. What what were some things that you really had to learn as you as you discovered your songwriting..

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