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More subpoenas have been issued in the Russia probe as if he Washington correspondent saga megani reports. The house intelligence committees, the peanut, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, and ex campaign aide, Rick gates, chairman Adam Schiff says the committee needs to speak directly with both amid what he calls. The deep counterintelligence, concerns raised in the special counsels. Russia report, both Flynn and gates were important witnesses and Robert Muller's investigation shifts says it's unacceptable that they have not cooperated with congress Flynn's admitted lying to the FBI about talks with Russia's ambassador to the US gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy, and false statement charges saga megani Washington. The sale of sealed video evidence in the murder trial of Marian shook night has led to a no contest plea from his business partner. Mark Blankenship entered the plea Wednesday to account of conspiracy to obstruct Justice prosecutors say, Blankenship, and nights girlfriend range. To sell surveillance video from a competent hamburger stand that shows night, hitting two men with his truck in two thousand fifteen one of those men died TMZ bought the video for fifty five thousand dollars after a judge in nights, case at barred its public release Blankenship was sentenced to five years of probation in order to pay fifty five grand in restitution to the hamburger. Stand is co defendant, toilet Kelly pleaded no contest to conspiracy in two thousand seventeen received probation and community service night is serving a twenty eight year sentence for pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter. I Tim McGuire US central command is released a video reportedly showing the crew of an Iranian patrol boat, removing unexploded mind from one of the tanker ships, that were attacked today in the Gulf of Oman. Military says that a US ship was also able to take on board the crew of a second ship, while the crew of the other is now in the hands of Iranian authorities Iran blames the US for increased tensions in the Persian Gulf region and denies having anything to do with the day's attack, or any previous attacks. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is leaving at the end of the month. President Trump called Sanders a warrior she is going to be going. I guess you could say private sector offenders is one of the few remaining staff members worked on the Trump campaign. It's one of the greatest jobs, I could ever have. I've loved every minute even the hard minutes. And Sanders says had a lot of hard minutes with the press and special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia report revealed she admitted to investigators. She made an unfounded claim about the firing of James. Comex. Heard from countless members of the FBI that are grateful and thankful for the president's decision. What's next for Sarah Sanders? We can get her to run for the governor of Arkansas. I think she'll be very well. And I'm trying to get her to do at Donahue, Washington. The Democratic National Committee bumps four candidates from pair of debates in Miami set for later this month. It's such a large field of would be presidential contenders at the debates have to be split into two nights in candidates, head to pulled at least one percent in three established surveys. So the big names in the party are in, but four candidates are shut out including Montana. Governor Steve Bullock, Massachusetts congressman Seth Moulton. Former Alaska Senator Mike gravel and the mayor of Miramar Florida Wayne mess him. The debates will air June twenty sixth and twenty seventh candidates will draw for which ten appear on the first night, and which on the second Jackie Quinn, Washington Mississippi radio news Cuba, Gooding junior, faces a misdemeanor. Meaner charge in New York after a woman accused him of groping her in a nightclub. His attorney, Mark Heller says the video clear his client, when the video.

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