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It did not look like a m- recalibrate anything when you watch Toy Story, Toy Story doesn't hold anime realize, yeah, toilet looks cute and funds bladder. Yeah. Okay. He's a little flatter. All right. Like I said, especially when there is off things going on the screen. It's funny, there's at one point going to kids rooms, right to haunt the kids. I think most people know the story of Monsters Inc. fantastic stories, original and brain trust over there. Pixar earned their keep for for monsters Inc. Another thing that that stood out to me is how far these movies have come was, how well you remember the movie. But in the opening one of the opening sequences when a sully and Mike, the two monsters are going to work to scare the children professionally, they're walking along the street in to work in this monster universe and. This, this would have been a sequence in a modern Pixar movie where it would have been just right with. Like you said, the background stuff, the jokes they don't have to call attention to. And in this movie, there was a lot of slapsticky physical humor or like monsters were falling and melting and it was fine. I'm sure kids love. It's come a long ways. I also think that there's not to get too. I the whole idea of being a movie for kids about monsters, much like Sesame Street is with the cookie monster. You know, they trying like the bite out of monsters. Monsters. Kids not scared him objects, fluffy. The monsters q. has doing. The might have gone a little bit over the top, making sure that this universe is monsters. Universe was very cute and slapsticky plush toys. There's that as well as just, you know, let's make sure that they're not threatening at on their own world because they are scary at times in this movie. Yeah, that's a really cute movie. I liked it a lot. I cannot tested did not watch it with me, sadly, sorry, logging, but she's not interested in the things on the TV yet, but someday she will. She's not to my boys says she won't. She'll kind of look and kind of curious, Birla hang at, but like she has no patient potatoes. My sign I can put me on and make dinner for forty five minutes, fantastic dreams. She wants to climb something. He'll climb while why climb the TV. But yeah, he's all about Papa troll or Lippi and it's really upsetting because I'm like, Pepe pig. Fucking great advocates. Those watch it, and he loses interest in five minutes and Pepe pig rule. So you know, the monsters are going into the kids rooms at one point, the monster finds what are you toy flying with? It was kind of a phone little side, and then which I picked up on realized after the fact how funny it was plays with a little finding nemo, confidence as their movie was released. It wouldn't be released two years. That's pretty good pretty good already in the factory. They had thought ahead on the mall or Pixar movies, five years out right now. Right? But I'm saying they put an Easter egg in movie that wouldn't get come out for two years. That was that was impressive. I remember really liking monsters Inc and right up until the end sequence which I don't for those of you who have not seen it shame on you, what's wrong with you, but it involves a bunch of doors and it felt like a roller coaster ride in less like a like a climax. And it just left me kind of wanting more. And then they made. They made the monsters Inc right at California's venture and it's. Not even that. Exactly. That's should be. No, you're like in a little car, must go through the scenes of monsters. Inc really. Lay down. All right. I'm gonna do to flip fashion owns here back toback relief and they'll make sense. All right. So the plane. There's a lot of horse shit offered up on. No, no. And that's just what's for dinner. There's no movies, airplane food as bad as the concerts anymore. I don't know if you realize you got to pay for it. That's right. On the way airlines, the last airline, the serves a complimentary on injured in all class. I'm not interested in that on the way out to Chicago southwest zippo..

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