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Because even heroin. Huey Lewis is like now. This is a no, no, yeah. This is love and I'm going to just say so. Nothing was ever officially released except for two singles. The first in the fields was a hit for fill in nineteen eighty-five, the second single was called nineteen, and was released towards the end of one, thousand, nine, hundred five. The success of nineteen. Fill the opportunity to be back in the spotlight. He performed the song on various television shows and gave a number of interviews where he expressed optimism about the future. This downtime was allowing him to spend more time with his family and take some deep dives into Celtic music which he seemed eager to do, but all the optimism in the world can't compete with drug abuse, and his optimism about a future with his family and music was just a dream by now Phil was living in queue outside of London himself. He long ago sent his wife Caroline who he married in one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty. And their two daughters to live in Ireland for the specific purpose of being able to cheat on her without her, knowing Oh although I'm sure she fucking oh no girl new yeah. The days of thin Lizzy, the biggest band in the UK were long behind him in his dependence on heroin was completely out of control. The years and years of drug and alcohol abuse up to him on Christmas, day one thousand, nine, hundred five, when he collapsed at his home near London. Philomena Phil's mother found him unconscious. She had no idea he even had a drug problem. Wow, I. Don't know how. He managed to keep that from her, but wow, yeah, but Phil's wife Caroline did know in quickly transported him to a drug clinic. The issue was too troublesome for the clinic to handle, so he was brought to a hospital where he was diagnosed with sepsis. Eleven days after he I collapsed on January fourth, nineteen, eighty six. Phil passed away from heart failure and Brought on by Sepsis Oh, my God he was only thirty six years old, and left behind two young daughters, Sarah, and Kathleen Oh my God. Yeah, that is a fucking horrible horrible way to go. That's so sad. That's how old we are. Yeah, so he would have passed away after all that time after everything he did after trying so hard within lizzy. And trying so hard after that to have a solo career in lake, just not having a go anywhere. He died basically by himself in.

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